White House Jumper… read my Letter to You!

According to CNN, the unarmed man was a carrying a document that he wanted to deliver to the White House.  He never made it to the WH fence but did jump a bike rack located in front.  He was arrested and questioned by authorities.

I mean… I have questions??? So I decided to write a letter to this guy in hopes of obtaining answers.

Dear White House Jumper,

~What was written in your document that you just had to take it to the White House?

I guess your back isn’t important to you because the minute you step on the WH grounds Secret Service will tackle you so fast, it will make you forget why you came there in the first place, yep… back is broken now bruh; and not to mention the dogs… your limbs will become their snack.

~Did you not know others have tried but have failed?

Dude, there were many before you but they too were Secret Service attacked- SMH.  Like the man carrying a backpack whom wanted to deliver a letter to President Trump.  But hey… you have to admit… this guy was extra brave… I mean come on… he was carrying mace.  Mace vs Secret Service guns, dogs, stun guns, etc (hmmmm)… yep, that man was going to go far in life :-/

~Why dude… just why?

Oh I know why, it was b/c you woke up this morning and decided it was crucial that you get that letter delivered to the President of the US b/c you did not value your life.  And how did that work out for you? It put you in a cold cell with men nicknamed Bubba and Lucious watching your back (in more ways than one).

Dude I’m sorry and I hope the obsession was worth it.


~A Confused Fan

Queen Ro’s Commentary

It really baffles me to know there are still people out there that are trying their hardest to get to the President… whether it is Trump, Obama or Bush.  Do they not realize there are other ways to get your point across?!  You can possibly mail a letter, protest, strike, you can even picket- pick your choosing but STOP trying to walk in.  NOBODY WANTS TO SEE YOU!  First amendment constituents the right of free speech… ok cool… just find a smarter way to exercise your right. Thumbs down dude, thumbs down…

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  1. I enjoyed your blog so proud of you. I like the way you have so much to choose from. People need options so people will flock to this Blog. Can’t wait for more information to come. I love the way your website catches my eye with wonderful color. Excited for more to come.

    • Thank you very much for your support Bert! Continue to respond to my posts and share with friends! I can use all the support I can get! Much appreciated!

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