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As you grow and mature, you would expect your priorities to change, correct?  Unfortunately, that’s NOT what’s happening.  The younger generation thinks they have everything under control until the bills start rolling in and then “Peter begins to pay Paul.”  Honestly, I can’t say it’s just the millennials, Generation X (my own generation) and even some Baby Boomers still have an issue getting their priorities straight.  Below are 2 examples on what I did to get priorities in order…

Example One

Someone: “Wow, are you still driving your Galant?  How long have you had it again?  When did you plan on getting a new car?”

It really amazes me how people are quick to ask these judgmental questions. They may not mean any ill intent, but if I wasn’t as confident as I am, I may feel intimidated to give into peer pressure.

Rolls my Eyes

Me: “Yes, I am still driving ‘Lil Ro.’ She hasn’t given me any problems since buying her in 2002. Besides the regular maintenance (oil changes, tires, brakes, etc.), I’ve been blessed to know ‘Lil Ro’ has done well by me.  So NO, unless you plan on paying my car payment, I don’t have any plans on buying a new car yet.”

Priority One to Example One

Of course I would love a new car, but priorities set in to make sure Raegan receives a TOP CLASS education. Moreover, the better the education the more tuition will be.  Yes I could have placed her in a less expensive setting- maybe an in-home daycare- but to me, that is all it would be… a day care.  Next year, Raegan will be in Kindergarten. I want to make sure she is equipped- no, ADVANCED– when she steps into that classroom.  Therefore, I would rather sacrifice the luxury of owning a new car while Raegan is in pre-school.

Example Two

Coworker: “Ro, how is that you have had so many job opportunities offered to you in your 14 year tenure?”

The Professional

It’s true; along with being in management for over 10 years, I’ve worked in a few different roles, some at one time! For example, I’ve worked as a Compliance Liaison- traveling among 3 contact centers in the country; I’ve been a leader in 3 different departments; and currently, I co-lead an employee resource group where I specialize in developing professionals in the workplace.

Me: “Well, it’s hard and it can be tiring but being involved in so many activities, keeps my priorities in line.  One of my professional priorities is to- always challenge myself by always learning.  This way when another job opportunity presents itself, I will fully equipped to take it on.”

Priority Two to Example Two


If you are not involved in an extracurricular activity of some kind, shame on you for not getting your priorities in order. You should always stay involved in something- whether it’s being involved in your community by volunteering or maybe you have been thinking of starting a sports team at work- DO IT! All we need is one person to get it started and then others will follow… then *BAM* you just became added another skill to your resume.

Another way you can advance your skills is to find a mentor.  I’m not talking about your Aunt Beverly; while personal mentors are a good start, it’s imperative to have a mentor in your place of work especially in the area of where you are looking to move. Why is having a mentor and/or being involved in an extracurricular activity a priority? For the simple reason of building relationships while enhancing your skills. [I will touch on how to find a mentor in a future post]. Currently, I have 3 formal mentors and a handful of “go-to” mentors in which I can just stop by their office for a tidbit of advice.  Being involved in so many activities, keeps me abreast of my leadership and communication skills.


RECAPPING the Priorities

Nonetheless, there are many reasons why you should get your priorities in order but today I just stuck to just two. By putting aside my selfish needs, I am able to pay for my daughters tuition so that she can get a solid education.  In addition, it allows me to save some money for rainy days or for bigger luxuries like traveling outside the country! Lastly, finding a way to put my career priorities in line starts with stepping out of your comfort zone and into a new challenge.  This will help strengthen your skills and build relationships- another way to move up in your career. 😉

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  1. Boy do I ever need to get myself together financially, set priorities, and stay focused. My 1st priority for this year is wellness in all ways, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Once I am well in these areas, I can then fully focus on my financial wellness. I’m in the process of gathering pictures, words, and ideas for my wellness vision board. Reading your posts helps me grow. I look forward to further growth in 2018.

    • Faya- great job creating a vision board!! You are well on your way to growth and success in 2018! I commend you for strategically thinking about steps and setting smaller goals to achieve the larger one!

  2. AMAZING post thank you so much for sharing this, I hear exactly where you are coming from. It’s so easy to get complacent or just blow all the extra pennies on things that we want but maybe don’t necessarily need! In different I apply this in little ways like not upgrading to the latest new phone when a contract ends and simplifying in general keeps my priorities in check and with that extra cash. Which then can be used to educate myself on a subject that may help me grow and expand in other areas etc. Really good subject Ro 🙂

    • Rowena- it’s funny, I was just debating that very example in my mind… whether to upgrade my phone LOL. I really want to but I’m like… my current phone works, why have an extra bill or expense to spend on a device I don’t need. Thank you for reading, commenting and taking heed to my article.

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