Want to Dress Casual OK, but Don’t wear this!

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It is NOT my intention to hurt anyone’s feelings with this post.  I am only here to help those who are in need with casual wear tips.  Since apparently, there isn’t anyone in your life that you can call true friends b/c they let you walk out the house thinking you were cute.

As I’m walking through the mall today, it’s really hard to believe how many people don’t put any effort in their outdoor attire.  I mean, you don’t have to come out in a prom dress but if you are going to wear t-shirt and jeans, there are ways you can look presentable.  Let me help you…

Mr. Adidas Man w/ the White Socks

If I see one person with socks and Adidas sandals, I will scream!  What is it that you want?  Do you want your feet to be warm? Are you looking not to obtain foot fungus? Why the socks??? All I can say, if it takes you 8 seconds to put on your socks, then you add 30 more so that you can put on some close-toe shoes.  And why do your feet have to come over the sandal?

EX: I seen this dude walking today.  Don’t you know (right in front of me) he tripped over his own feet b/c I can only assume his socks made him slip.  SMH… all I can think was… “if you would have had on closed toe shoes, your friends wouldn’t be laughing right now.”  Come on… either walk in the sandals sock-less or put on sneakers!

Lady in the Black Bonnet

Ladies, what is it about you wearing your inside bonnet outside??? Whhhyyyy… it’s NOT cute!  OMG, I wish I did walk out of the house with my hair bonnet on… my Mom/Aunties would check me so fast… let’s just say whatever style I was protecting in the bonnet wouldn’t be a style anymore.  Of course, the majority of the ladies I see with bonnets on are young.  And some of the same young ladies are wondering why it’s so hard for a man to find you?

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No man wants to have their inside woman come outside and still look like the “inside woman”.  Shoot, a lot of men don’t even like for their women to wear a bonnet to bed much less walk around in the mall with it.  Put on a cute hat or better yet… just do your hair!

Big Man, Small Shirt

You go to the gym, you are pumping 100, 200 + weights every week and you deserve the right to show off your upper body, right?  Totally understand that but if it looks like you took a shirt from your little brothers closet and you try to approach me, I will kindly keep walking.  You don’t want to see the look I will give you if I have to look in your eyes.  I’m not saying you can’t wear something fitted… BTW- that’s the correct way to wear it- fitted– not 2 sizes 2 small.

Miss with the White Panties

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Do I need to say anymore? There is a difference between leggings and tights.  Both are meant to be worn under a top (in my opinion) but some jeggings you might can get away w/it if you didn’t. Tights are definitely meant to be worn underneath a garment not as pants. Why, b/c they are see-thru!  And then why are you wearing white grandma-panties with see-thru black tights anyway??  Dang, you could have at least worn a pair of black peek-a-boo Victoria’s Secret panties.  Nonetheless, I’m not saying that is correct either.  Again, if you are going to wear tights then a long blouse needs to cover your bottom.  If you want to wear fitted bottoms by itself, buy a pair of jeggings.  They will do your body [and my eyes] good!

Dressing Casual doesn’t mean Dressing Raunchy

Have you heard the saying… “you are always on an interview?” That is a true statement.  If you were to come into my store asking me for an application dressed as you were, please don’t bring it back.  From the start, I will ask you your name and you will be put on my “do not call” list.  Always take pride in what you put on!  If you are going to come out in jeans and a t-shirt, match it up with the appropriate pair of shoes and no head garment other than a cap or a cute hat.  Ladies, try not to have too many body parts hanging out.  A little cleavage can be sexy… 4 inches too much is just raunchy.  Speaking as a manager, put more effort into what you are wearing outside [store] so that it won’t be too difficult to decide what to wear inside [workplace].

Comment Below: What is another casual-wear fashion No-No in your opinion?  Providing tips is welcome.

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  1. This definitely needed to be said. I see all of what you mentioned in Wilmington. I mean its really bad around here, these ladies do not care about their appearance at all. My friends and I talk about it all the time. And you’re right, Mom would get us if we walked out the house any type of way. Especially if I have a scarf or a bonnet on. Loved this article!

    • You know it Sis! Mom would have definitely got on us or given us that look LOL! Yeah, I know what you are talking about with the dress back home. SMH, such a shame but it’s mainly b/c the education is low in teaching these ladies how to dress.

  2. I agree wholeheartedly with everything in this article. I think one of the most ridiculous things I saw at work is when a co-worker was wide-legged walking trying to keep his pants from dropping to his ankles. LOL

    • At work Faya- NOOOOO! Wow, I can’t believe that. Some people do not have any sense of pride even in the work place. Thank you for commenting 🙂

    • Nice to meet you Autum! I’m happy to know you agree with me regarding the bonnet. As mentioned many times, it’s not cute LOL! Yes a turban is cute or it was mentioned in an early comment to wear the satin line cap. Those are cute too. Thank you for commenting and reading!

    • LOL Rach! Girl thank you for agreeing with me regarding the addidas and socks! LOL, I thought I was by myself LOL! Yes you are right, it is a summer shoe so why wear socks! Thanks for reading and commenting.

  3. there is SUCH a difference between leggings and tights! thank you for bringing this issue up, hopefully we will see less of peoples unmentionables now!

    • Caitlin- someone understands me- LOL! Yes there is a BIG difference in leggings and tights! Hopefully so… thanks for reading and commenting.

  4. OMG that bonnet gets me all the time. Like seriously, leave it at home. It’s not cute. Luckily someone saw a need to fix that and came out with cute satin lined caps. I have one and really like it. Great for bad hair days without look tacky.

    • Right Louisa! That bonnet tho… no way and no its not cute! Oh you have one of those satin lined caps. I was wondering how those were. Cool Ima look into getting one! Thanks for the tip!

  5. How about women wearing housecoats picking up there kids from school. That’s the worse. The kids hide because they don’t want everyone to know that’s there mom. So Embrassing

    • That is so true Bert!!! If you can wear a house coat then you had time to put on a regular coat… at the least! Why are you going to do your child like that 😂

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