My Trip to Barcelona, Spain!

Royals ~ I HAD SO MUCH FUN!!!

Let me tell you… if I didn’t have a daughter in the states, I would have found out how to buy a VISA and stayed! Barcelona was sooooo much better than Rome. I mean… I enjoyed Rome as well, but in Barcelona, I felt I belonged! If you haven’t read my Roman blog, click here. (Make sure to read all 3 parts)

Why did I feel like I belonged?

There are many but here are my top 3 reasons:

Barcelona was more diverse

More places to visit

People were nicer

Why did I go alone?

I’ve been traveling for as long as I can remember. However, I’ve always either gone with a companion OR gone alone and met up with people upon arrival. It’s always been on my bucket list to go overseas alone. Why? Easy… I wanted to be able to go and do what I wanted when I wanted. I got up and out when I was ready; I was able to plan what I wanted to do for the day, and I ate where I wanted to eat. I can’t be waiting for others to get their “money right” or take their time “to get time off from work.”

Royals- if you keep waiting for people, it will take you forever to experience life. You keep waiting for people, you may not experience anything! Live faithful… not fearful!

Where am I off to next?

I’m not sure when I’ll be able to get to Europe. One of the reasons why I wanted 2017- the year of completion- to be the year I go. I am just grateful I was able to experience Europe in a less than 3-month time frame! I already have a few trips already planned (in the states) for the next year so I’ll have to pace myself. Raegan also begins “real school” (kindergarten) so of course, that is a priority. Don’t worry, you Royals will be the first to know when I go on a “large” trip ;-)! For now, click on my videos below (in order) to hear about my Barcelona experiences:

Porta de Barcelona!

I almost got ran over… twice!

The view on top of the mountain…was…A-Mazing!

Real authentic Spanish, flamenco dancing!

I made it the beach, finally!

Enjoy some photos!

  • There are always hustlers on the street in Europe
  • Parc del Mirador del Poble-sec
  • I traveled down this narrow street- ALONE!
  • Many boats... many boats there was!
  • Sagrada Familia
  • For my sports fans
  • Christopher Columbus Monument
  • Yasss! The Jimmy Choo shoes!
  • Placa d'Antonio Lopez
  • Eating by the water... seabass
  • I loved the architecture
  • My first night out!
  • An entertainer on the street
  • Just walking the streets
  • One of many high-end shops
  • Riding the underground

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  1. These pictures are amazing. I love the way you show us where you are when you travel; it gives me the feeling of being there. I look forward to your next adventure.

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