Treating Dark and Tired Eyes… USA vs. The UK… All Eyes on Us!

tired and dark eyes

Since beginning blogging in April, I’ve come across many interesting people. Networking has gone to new heights since jumping into this new adventure but never did I imagine I would pick up a BB (Blogging Buddy). Well guess what, this Blogging Buddy has now turned into a BB (Blogging Beauty)! Introducing… Rowi!

“Hi, IM Rowi!”

How did I meet someone from the UK?

We met via a social media blogging group and hit it off! We found out we both have a passion for skin care and exchanged websites. It wasn’t until then I learned she lives in The United Kingdom which sparked my interest even more! I wanted to learn more about the products she was using. We exchanged email addresses and have spoken virtually for almost 2 months now. After reading her posts and following her on social media, she gained my trust and wanted to take our relationship a step further. I asked would she be interested in a collaboration post and she replied back saying- “It’s such a great idea to come up a collaboration, I’ve not done anything like it before!” NOTE: Can you picture her saying that line in her British accent- LOL! Too adorable!

Hmmmmmm, what to collaborate on?

She was open to any topic so I asked her… “what about the eyes” … she was all for it! I figure this is a step in a skin care routine people tend to overlook. However, what people need to realize that your eyes can say a lot about you. They can say:

  • you are young and alert OR
  • you look old and tired!

Don’t let your eyes speak for you, you fight back by taking care of your eyes beginning at any age!

Rowi, why do you treat your eyes?

dark eyes
Blogger Beauty- Rowi!

Hey everyone, I’m Rowi! What’s your approach when it comes to the eye skincare? Do you have a specific concern? Fine lines? Dryness? I do, it’s Hyper-pigmentation! Which is, when patches of the skin become darker than the surrounding skin. Caused by an over production of Melanin. UV Rays & sun damage can make the patches darken, not something really wanted around an eye area, right? As a result, I’m always with an open eye for effective treatments for my skin goals! Hence what led me to start a skincare blog to share my experiments & finds! You can check it out, should you like. 


Why do I (MsQueenRo) treat my eyes?

Let’s see… maybe b/c I have like 10,000 jobs I do in a day! Okay I may be exaggerating just a little, but my point… I treat my eyes so that they don’t look tired. In my first skin care post (here), I introduced the Soothing Eye Gel to my Royal Followers. In the post I explained why this product is doing wonders for my eyes. The gel is great in acting as pick-me-up for the eyes… talking about a boost of caffeine made just for the eyes! When I put it on (once in the morning), I instantly feel the coolness from the gel as it is rubbed into my skin. I only place a tiny dab under each eye but you can also place a small amount on each eye lid as well.

soothing eyes
Soothing Eye Gel

Rowi, what is your daily routine?

My current eye routine is with two steps, one for hydrating, the other for Protecting or Treating.

  1. AM Routine: Pre-Moisturiser I use La Roche Posay, Pigmentclar it targets dullness using Thermal Water & Caffeine, I like how this absorbs quickly & hydrates my eye area gently. Next, I follow with a trusty SPF. Ultra Sun, Factor 50+! Yep, I know bit extreme? Perhaps, but this step ensures those patches don’t get any worse.
  2. PM Routine: After fully cleansing & toning I use a high content Vitamin C Serum, from a South Korean Brand, purchased from the States, not so great for us in the UK due to shipping fees, but this stuff has been totally worth it! Triple C Liquid curated by COSRX and Charlotte Cho @SokoGlam contains a super high, 20% concentration of Vitamin C Liquid – This stuff is mega potent! I pat a tiny amount on to effected areas & then follow with the La Roche cream. When using Vitamin-C it’s so important to use SPF the next day as the skin is extra sensitive to the sun.  

Thanks Rowi and great tips! Those products sound interesting and I for one, want to try one! This collaboration post has been fun, so let’s do more! I love learning about new products especially if they are not even in my own country!

What Else Do You Need to Know?

  • Drink Water! I know many of you may think water is bland, but to your skin it’s hydrating!  Healthy skin starts on the inside; a healthy diet also helps your skin look great! NOTE: Copied straight from my other post, this tip will not change.
  • Get Some Sleep! Honestly, I need to practice what I preach but really… this is the main reason why we need to treat our eyes in the first place. Getting more sleep will reduce redness and diminish bags under the eyes.
  • Use Sunscreen! Using a SPF on your face- period– is a must. Why? Protecting your skin from UV/UVA rays means protecting your skin from faster aging signs, hence bags or wrinkles under the eyes.
  • Buy an Eye Mask! For tired eyes, warm it up as a stress reliever; cool it down to reduce swelling which can be a probable cause for dark circles under your eyes. NOTE: An eye mask is a temporary fix; what’s noted above are more permanent remedies.

Other eye care products from Mary Kay, click here

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tired eyes
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  1. Wow! Great information ladies. I also use the Mary Kay soothing gel at night. I noticed when I wake up my eyes aren’t as puffy and look more refreshed. The Triple C Liquid looks good too. For now I will use the soothing gel in the morning to see if it makes a bigger difference.

    • Yeah I would try both ways to see what works for you. I use it in the morn but if you find the night works just as good, sobeit 🙂 Thanks for commenting!

  2. LOVE IT! Our First Collaboration, it’s been a real joy working with you. It’s interesting that both our creams have some amounts of caffeine inside; I hear it’s also pretty powerful – perhaps we should rub some coffee beans on the eye area and see how it fares 🙂 Xxxxxx

    • It’s been a joy working with you as well Rowi! You are so sweet and beautiful, inside and out! We shall do this again soon! And as far as that caffeine, I guess they are what is needed to wake up these eyes of ours LOL!

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