When you think you CAN’T do it, God says you CAN!

It was on my bucket list to do a “K” something… 1k, 3k, 5k, etc… LOL, so I became excited when my church said they were sponsoring one to raise money for victims of domestic violence.  Let’s do this!  But then…  a few weeks go by, I get an email; another few weeks go by, another email.  By the 3rd email and the race a couple of weeks away, I’m thinking… “what did I get myself into?”  I had not trained, I work out but I don’t run races.  I may sprint during my workout but that is as far as it goes!  Ugh!!! Nonetheless, I still wanted to support the cause so I thought about reasons/ways that I could make it work.

Figure out a Cause

Although, I never fell victim to physical abuse… I was in a relationship that I endured a lot of emotional abuse.  No abuse is better than the other but if I had to chose, I would say emotional abuse can feel worse.  You lose your self esteem; you constantly feel low; and you consistently have this depressive state surrounding you.  So why not get hype for my first 5k by joining a cause that hits home!  Supporting a cause or having an underlying reason to complete a goal, will keep you motivated to start and finish!

Raising awareness to fight against domestic violence!

Have a Support System

One of my 2017 resolutions was to connect more with women.  We go through and handle so much and sometimes we (women) can be our worse enemies.  I prayed that God help me find a way to connect more with women so that we can become our own support system… then out comes GIRL POWER! My friend told me about the GROUPME app and I was like… “I can start here!”  I started a “girls only” group chat.  It’s a safe venue to vent, pray, plan events, do whatever is needed to show support.

(3 members of Girl Power) Left to Right: Charlene; Telayah (Semone’s daughter); Me; Semone

Every month, each one of us plans an event for us to do a girls day/night out.  My lovely Charlene, told us about the 5k- yes we go to the same church- and she planned it out for us.  I was going to go anyway but I’m sooooooo happy GP got involved b/c doing any kind of workout is way more fun with others.

  • Case in Point: My friend turned coach… Charlene!  When we felt tired and didn’t want to run any more, she would say “come on girls, lets just run to the stop sign (about 10 yards away) and then we can walk again.” She would also remind us, “remember girls… this is for a good cause… we can do it!”  We needed to hear things like that and that’s what GP is all about!  Supporting each other while supporting [some kind of] cause.

Set a Goal

Charlene: Ok girls, what’s our goal for this race? 30 minutes?











Me: Ummm: Weelll, I don’t think 30 mintues is feasible but maybe an hour?

Semone: Yeah, an hour seems good.

Girl Power: Yeah, 45 to an hour… that’s our goal!

Setting a goal within your goal is important b/c it keeps you driven to finish.  Anyone who really knows me I am very competitive (started back in my TRACK days).  Don’t give me a dare and not expect me to win.  It wasn’t a race against my girls… it was a way to keep myself motivated and on pace to finish under an hour.  And boy did we track our time.  We kept note of the time throughout and if we were moving too slow, we would do a fast walk or even run intermediately to make sure we were on time. Tip: It was a double win b/c performing sprints while walking keeps up your metabolism.  You are shocking your body.

Celebrate the Small Successes!

In another post (here), I wrote about the importance of celebrating small successes. Remember, it will keep you inspired to reach that BIG goal!  I won’t go into that lesson again but spin to another. I stated earlier that I had not trained for this run.  Let me tell you, these folks were serious!!! I mean, they were at the starting-line READ-TY (that’s right I said READ-TY) to run- LOL!

Charlene: Well, how do you ladies what to start out?

Me: Well, I was thinking about warming up with a walk but do you see their stance? These folks are serious- LOL!


Semone: Yeah I’m noticing *giggles*.  Well, why don’t we start off with a jog and then we will job/run/walk the rest of the way.

Me: I’m cool with that!

What am I celebrating?  Well firstly, the fact that I made it to the start-line in the first place b/c the week before, I was thinking of ways to get out of running- LOL!  Secondly, I was able to find a babysitter- LOL! If I would have brought Raegan (which I was thinking of doing to make it a family affair) I wouldn’t have gotten a real work out in.  I would have wound up walking the whole time instead of the run/walk I did most of the way!

We Did It!

We finished in 50 minutes! Can I get an… AMEN?!

We did it… well, more like we tired LOL!

All praises go to God for this awesome experience and to bring awareness to a worthy cause.  Thank you Girl Power for another chance to bond and to become closer as friends!

Charlene (Coach) Thank you for keeping us motivated to keep it moving and reminding us of the cause!

Semone (Captain) You made sure all of us was okay and kept us smiling with your bubbly spirit!

Telayla (Entertainer) Thank you for keeping us entertained with your many stories of school and food!

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  1. Great victory and Awareness for Domestic Violence. There always need to be a voice to the voice less this cause was great. A great way to inspire people!! Excellent job.

  2. Great post and highly motivating, it’s so true small goals, I’ve always wanted to be good at running but it physically burns! Stuck to short burst activities but as you display, breaking the goals down allows them to be more achievable – Thank you for sharing

    • You are so right Rowena and there isn’t anything wrong with the “short burst” activities. When it comes to a healthy lifestyle anyway, the short burst helps your metabolism stay high anyway.

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