Rest and Recycle- That’s what I’ll do!

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Hi Royals!

I know it’s been a while since my last article but that was intended. As I lay… in… this… comfortable bed in Barcelona, Spain… I can’t help but reflect on what I’ve done for the past couple of months. I’m going to explain what I mean by –REST and RECYCLE– but first let’s start at the beginning…

The month MsQueenRo was born…

I began writing in March 2017 and launched my first article on April 1st. Hold up, let me back up a second… I just didn’t “write and launch” my first article. That would have been too easy. Let me -keep it real- what came along with launching: Without any coding, or IT experience- I created my own website. Yep- first time I’ve done that! And it looks pretty professional if I say so myself! Oh, that’s not it! I created my own marketing plan. Well, it consists of using mostly social media platforms but I’m okay with that b/c I have a pretty large following! Due to that reason, I had faith my social media friends would share (spread the word) about my new adventure. Thankfully, that worked out pretty well. Oh, and by the way, my background isn’t in marketing either. I learned everything I needed to know by using common sense, social media experience, asking others in the same field and YouTube!  Since my first launch, I’ve been pretty consistent publishing an article just about every week! What does that mean- on my site I have 46 articles just waiting for you to be read! So get to reading- LOL- because guess what, a Sista is tired!


What kind of follower are you…

Around the time of my birthday… September 2017… I began to slow down. I was still writing but it slowed up to around every other week. It was also around the time I wanted to create another platform for my Royal followers to enjoy the MsQueenRo brand. Hence, video recording came about! What a tiresome and nerve-wracking activity but well worth it in the end! Why? I’ve gotten more followers b/c of my videos than any other way! Let me break it down to you. You have your:

  • Loyal Followers– They will follow, read and enjoy any platform I use. I can write, tape videos or just share pictures… they will always engage in my content.
  • Picky Followers– These lovely royals (sarcastically speaking) they will read from time to time but what they are really interested in is videos.
  • Once-in-a-while Followers– They will only jump on the bandwagon of MsQueenRo when they see everyone else commenting, liking or sharing.

It doesn’t matter to me which follower you are… just follow! I say all of this to tell you, I will continue with the videos as long as my followers continue to engage.

Ah, Rest… you never felt so good…

This brings me back to Spain. Yes, I am here –alone– this is what I wanted. I didn’t want to answer to anyone or have to commence on anyone else’s plans. Don’t get me wrong, I love traveling and exploring with companions but there is something about doing what you want to do when you want to do it. It’s the introvert in me. If I don’t want to leave my hotel room, I have the choice not to. I haven’t even settled in Barcelona for 24 hours before I already explored a few blocks in my area; enjoyed a local cafe for lunch, and then took a 2-hour nap before I got up to write this article. Singing the words from the creative Ice Cube… “it was a good day!” No co-workers or employees asking me questions; no kid calling- Mommy, Mommy; no errands or chores that need to be completed. I can just eat, sleep and be merry! This is what I call- REST!

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Now the Recycle… what’s up with that…

Now, this is where you come in. Yes, you, my Royal Follower! I plan on recycling my content- meaning, you will see replays (advertising) of former articles. I have plenty to go around and I’m pretty sure all of you haven’t read each and every one. If you have, DM me because you deserve a prize- LOL! My work will be shared on different platforms. However, the best way to receive notification of any article (former or current) is inputting your email address so that you can be notified personally. Just visit my homepage –here– to enter it. Can you also do me the favor of entering in at least one other email address of a friend, family member or anyone that you believe will benefit from my inspirational content? It would be greatly appreciated because I have a mission to reach the masses with my motivational yet transparent real-life stories.

What else have I been up to…

Well, some of you may know but just in case you haven’t heard… God has blessed me with the opportunity to be a co-host of a popular radio show called… Queen’s Haven (c/o Power 91.1 wtyj)! Click here to learn more. Can you believe the name?! I told the producer during the interview- “you know this show was meant for me, right?” The show captivates my “entertaining” side of the MsQueenRo brand. (Remember- empowering, enriching and entertaining.) I get to have fun with my co-host Nia, speaking on empowerment and leadership. Oh, how I’m going to love extracting my opinion… in a classy way [of course]. Here is another way to follow me… click here to JOIN our Queen’s Haven Fan Club or here to join our fan page! You will be notified of upcoming shows. You may also indulge in juicy conversation posted weekly. I’m looking for others to extort (I mean extract) their opinion as well! 😉

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My Queen’s Haven Announcement

You want to see my face…

Although, I’ve slowed down with the writing some. Rightfully so, as you can see now with everything going on. I haven’t slowed down when it’s come to videos. There is one catch… a lot of my videos have been only aired via Facebook. I know, bummer. Some of you have expressed you are not on FB. But if you are, JOIN my fan page by clicking here. This way you can see my snippet videos and other content you may not see via my website. Let me tell you, I was nervous at first but it only took me a few times to get the hang of it and now, I’m addicted- LOL! I have some of you to thank for that. I’ve received the best engagement via commenting when I post a video. Should have known, since we live in “times of visual.” Here is an example of my latest:

Comment at the bottom, what did you think?

Find a way to Rest and Recycle in your life…

Royals~ don’t let life wear or stress you out. I’ve “gone and went” so much that another reason why I had to take a break was bc I’ve been experiencing physical pain for the past few weeks. It started out as a severe muscle spasm. Finally, that let up some, but I still experience some light numbing of my fingers and arm; partly from my carpal tunnel syndrome.  But how many of you know, God will allow certain acts to happen so that you have NO CHOICE but to go somewhere and sit down. I took heed to His warning signs and slowed down some. Now, I want you to do the same. I feel some of you have been under some extra stress or have been praying for healing. In Jesus name, I believe you are healed and that you will take heed to the wisdom God has stored in you and REST.

COMMENT and LIKE at the bottom: Did you miss me? How did this article help you today?

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Chilling at my hotel in Barcelona Spain
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