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Promote Your Business

Would you like MsQueenRo to promote your business or service to various audiences? Firstly, she will choose a theme or topic that compliments your brand! Then she will captivate different audiences with her astounding writing skills and write you a Royal Review!

Her Mission is to provide a creative spin that engages admirers, which can possibly turn them into new followers!

What is Included?

  1. 4 days of Marketing on at least 3 to 4 different social media platforms
  2. Creative marketing pictures/memes
  3. The usage of as a Host for your business/service for an infinite amount of time
  4. Allowance of your own social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) will be included in the review for possible increase of followers

How does it work?

  1. MsQueenRo will come up with the theme or topic of the review (article).
  2. She will contact the client via email or phone to conduct an interview.
  3. Another option is to invite her to an event or allow her to sample your product/service so that she can write her own review, possibly without an interview.
  4. A rough draft of the review will be emailed to the client to inspect and confirm the article is acceptable. A 24 to 48-hour turnaround is asked.
  5. Once she receives the confirmation of acceptance, MsQueenRo will publish the review within 24 to 48 hours on each social media platform owned by MsQueenRo.

How much is the review?

Including everything stated above, a one time fee of $25 (non-refundable) will need to be paid in full prior to the write-up. Form of payment: credit/debit card or pay pal only.


Check out these examples listed below:

Finding your Passion- A Kings’ Story

Black Charlotte Business Coalition

Silence the Noise and Remain Persistent

All “Eyes on Me” Beauty Bar


Writing a Royal Review for your business or service is a creative way to provide more exposure to your business or product. MsQueenRo cannot and will not guarantee you will obtain new followers. It is encouraged that you advertise the article on your own personal social media platforms to heighten the possibility of new followers. NOTE: If at any time the client engages in any antagonistic or negative publication of any kind toward the MsQueenRo brand, the review will be removed from and all social media platforms. Once again, no refund will be provided.

For more information, send me an email here!

To My Clients: Why did you enjoy your Royal Review? How has it helped you or your business? *Share a Success Story*

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  1. I had the pleasure of providing Teeth Whitening to MsQueen Ro which was a great experience for her as well as myself. Her personality is genuine and she is extremely supportive to small businesses… I love her personality and thankful for the amazing things she is doing!!!!
    Thank you

    • Thank you very much, Kiki for the sweet comment! I enjoyed my teeth whitening experience and totally noticed results before I left the spa! The next day was even better and they were even whiter! I enjoyed writing your review and I look forward to coming back!

  2. MsQueenRo has shown nothing but love and support for the Charlotte Black Business Coalition she was a vendor at our First Annual summer expo give us a wonderful blog

    • Thank you, Antonio, for leaving that lovely comment. It was a pleasure writing about your expo b/c I enjoyed the experience.

  3. Awesome Platform!!! MsQueenRo recently did a write-up for our original programming, GoodReats. The exposure and engagement from the write-up has been extraordinary. Not only were we able to develop a new fan base, we’ve been able to transition some of our new “friends” into future business opportunities. If you’re looking for that next move to assist you in elevating your product and/or brand to the next level, then look no further than MsQueenRo. Blessings!!! – Mario D. King, Owner of MDK Entertainment LLC

    • Awww thank you Mario, what a beautiful review! Thank you for allowing me to express my creativity while highlighting your wonderful brand! I look forward to more collaborations!

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