My Royal Opinion: Why Do Women Cheat?

why do women cheat

I was talking to a friend and she was telling me how she stepped out on her boyfriend. After we talked for a bit, I was thinking… this is what my next video will be… WHY DO WOMEN CHEAT?

I don’t condone cheating– never will- but sometimes if people understand why someone behaved the way they did, hopefully, they will be more apt to do the opposite. I took a poll from a few female Royals, asking their opinion as to why do they think women cheat? Below are a couple of examples in the videos explaining their answers:

Part One: Women cheat b/c they feel dissatisfied. Listen to what areas women said they are dissatisfied in.

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Part Two: Women cheat to be vindictive. A woman caught her fiance cheating on her… listen to what happened!

COMMENT and LIKE Below: Do you agree or disagree to what was said in these videos? Why or why not? What advice would you give to anyone thinking about cheating?why do women cheat?

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  1. I believe some women cheat because their current relationship is not fulfilling for them; their significant others are not meeting their intellectual, sexual, developmental, or their emotional needs. They do not love themselves enough to know they deserve to be happy. They do not realize the true people being “cheated” is them.

    • Faya- you are so right! These women are cheating themselves right out of the good morals most of them have. If you are dissatisfied or need a challenge, leave that person and find the right one for them!

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