My Royal Opinion: Cam Newton | Take a Knee | O.J. Simpson

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Royals- I’m too excited about my new segment being added to my MsQueenRo brand! Introducing… My Royal Opinion! Under each segment will be a video done by yours truly, expressing my opinion on each subject.

Part 1: Cam Newton (Carolina Panthers Quarterback) What were you thinking?

Come on Cam!!! Haven’t you learned by now on what to say and what NOT to say? Every year it’s something, dude! Well this year, I’m giving my opinion on how wrong that statement was you made to the female reporter.

Videos—> What Happened? | His Apology | My Royal Opinion

Part 2: Take a Knee or to Not Take a Knee… that is the question?

That controversy around some NFL players taking a knee has been a top story since 2015. It began when Colin Kaepernick decided to sit during the national anthem in protest against police violence against people of color. This topic also hits close to home b/c one of my best friend’s son took a knee and was reprimanded for it. People thought it would blow over but it hasn’t. Since so, click below to listen to my opinion on the topic:

Videos—> Take a Knee Controversy | A 6-year old Takes a Knee | My Royal Opinion

Part 3: O.J. you are Out! Will you stay out?’

The Juice is Loose! In my opinion, O.J. went to prison for CA, not for NV- but whatever, he did his time. Now O.J. are you able to enjoy the life as a free man or will you let your temperament get the best of you? I don’t know but listen to my video to learn my opinion on this whole craziness:

Videos—> OJ is out! | My Royal Opinion

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  1. !El Jugo es Gratis! The Juice is Free! I hope he can stay out, but who knows. I agree he likes the camera and being in front of it.

    Cam well it’s Cam he hates the media and who knows what he really meant when he said that statement. It is another growth and learning opportunity. I mean we all say interesting things sometimes, but lucky for us it’s not always on camera and shown to the world.

    Long live the boys club and sexist comments😒. J/k

    #gopanthers #keeppounding

    • Pilar- you are right about OJ LOL. Let’s just hope he doesn’t like the camera so much he acts out again in front of it LOL. Cam… hmmmm… I totally agree it was a lesson learned. I’ll just leave it at that LOL. Thanks for commenting.

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