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Pamoja! @ a Christmas Event (Mike Hanson AKA Dad, left, African attire)

Much of my work ethic comes from my Dad!  As long as I can remember, Daddy has had more than one job, a side hustle and always engulfed in his music and martial arts.  In lite of the band’s BIG upcoming Azalea Festival performance [weekend of 4/8/17]… I wanted to introduce the world to… PAMOJA!

Why is your band different?

I have been in many bands since moving to NC but most of the music is what you can hear on the radio. The goal is to remain different- make our band stand out- including the name, songs and people. PAMJOA!… it means togetherness in Swahili.  People of the world fine it so hard to get along with one another.  I felt that a multi-racial, intercultural, male/ female and incorporate any age  to play in the band has never been done before.  Nope, but I found a way to do it!  I wanted a bigger band for a bigger sound! In my opinion, the bigger the band the more our audience will feel engaged to focus on the music!  Playing good music means they will come back for more!


Who makes up PAMOJA!?

Pamoja! is always changing [various reasons].  Our current members are as follows: Dr. Dan Maggio (drums & percussion), Jeff Coble (bass), Danny Diaz (guitar & percussion), David Schartman (sax, flute, trombone & percussion), Dayvon Walton (trumpet, percussion, & background vocals), Tanarsha Hunter (lead vocals, background vocals, & percussion), Wendell Hansley (lead vocals, background vocals & percussion), Martin Duncan (congas, bongos, & percussion), and Michael Hanson (owner) plays (Keys, B–3 Hammond organ, synthesizer, and various percussion instrument such as congas, bongos, timbales. My duties also include working as the sound engineer, recording engineer, band director, arranger, and producer.

Mike Hanson on Congas

Pamoja! plays what types of music and where does the band perform?

Music for us comes in many forms… e.g. Funk, R&B, Latin, Reggae, Jazz, Rock,Gospel and Pamoja! originals.  NOTE: Our music remains wholesome so that many groups of people can enjoy- everyone from children to adults.  Thankfully, we are kept busy around Wilmington and surrounding areas.  We have performed in large events such as the Azalea Festival, Currie Parade Festival, and the Cameron Arts Museum [go to Facebook for more details]. We consistently get invited to play in schools, festivals, fairs, theaters, dances, concert halls, parks, dinner venues, weddings, private parties, local or  not… makes no difference… Pamoja! Band is open for business!

Master Sifu M. Hanson @ work!

How does HEALTH fit into your business?

In addition to the music Mike’s Music & Health Studios, Inc. teaches Martial Arts.  Master Sifu Michael Hanson studied Chinese Kung-Fu, Wing-Chun, Jeet-Kune-Do for over 4 decades.  His martial arts career began in New York, then moved to New Orleans and now the studio resides in Rocky Point, NC (byway of Wilmington); 1/2 the dwelling houses the Kung-Fu school and the other 1/2 is the music studio. The school teaches self defense techniques and training of some instruments. Overall, it has also been a great networking venture b/c many of my musician friends have joined the Kung-Fu classes.

Kung-Fu Class

How can you be contacted?

Anyone can call Mike Hanson 910-675-9480 (studio) and 910-232-0234 (mobile); email me at or find me on Facebook.   Please leave a message if no one answers.  I look forward to hearing from you!

I salute you Dad!

~One Proud Daughter~

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