MsQueenRo and Showtime Visit Cajun Queen

7th Street

Cajun Queen… you are one of my favorite restaurants in Charlotte!


  1. It could be your name– you are a Queen, I am a Queen… a match made in Charlotte!
  2. It could be the novelty– being raised in New Orleans and with some of my origin being of Creole decent, I can’t help but to love your food!

For whatever the reasons, it is now time for a MsQueenRo to write her Royal Review!  For more Royal Reviews, click here.

Going on a Weekend Day, Make a Reservation

Out of the many restaurants “Bae” (Showtime) and I have visited, I’m surprised we haven’t been to Cajun Queen together! Hmm but going on a Saturday afternoon without a reservation was a mistake.

Im ready to go

There were groups of people standing outside waiting, probably a negative indication of what was to come.  Nonetheless, we still asked how long was the wait?  Hostess: “Sorry, we only have the upstairs available and then you would be seated at the bar.” I really wanted Creole and I really wanted Showtime to experience Cajun Queen so we waited.  After 5 minutes, I gave him a look that read “let’s go.”  There were others waiting ahead of us and since it was -first come first serve- that would have been a long wait. In addition, I didn’t want to sit at the bar anyway.

Upon leaving, we stopped back by the hostess to make a reservation for Sunday.  The day was wide open so we made we made it for 12 noon.  Good choice!  The hostess mentioned that was their “brunch” time. That made me happy b/c I had never been to Cajun Queen during brunch!  Yay, something different!

Cajun Queen is on Groupon

Don’t you visit Cajun Queen without visiting Groupon first!  You pay Groupon $25 for $40 worth of food for two or more which = out to about 38% off of your total.  For some of you, it may not be worth it but if you visit during dinner time, the average price for an entree is about $19.  Therefore, if you have a party of at least 4- that 38% off the total can help!  NOTE: Read Groupon’s fine print!  While they offer great deals, you want to make sure its a deal you want.  EX: Cajun Queen doesn’t allow alcohol to be included with the discount.

A New Orleans Feel

We are back!  Yep, Sunday midday was better!  It was quiet, not crowed and it gave me a chance to take pictures- LOL!

Upstairs, a live band plays

We were seated downstairs next to a window.  Loved it!  That ambiance made it seem like we were eating on a terrace in New Orleans!  I had never noticed it before but the large tree outside was engulfed in beads.  Huh, I guess they were trying to bring Bourbon St. to Charlotte.

Decorated w/ Colorful Beads

What Did We Eat?

MsQueenRo: As I stated, I never experienced their brunch menu so that’s what I wanted!  I ordered the: Bourbon French Toast AND a Cheese Omelet. Tip: SMH– never go out to eat when you’re hungry. I didn’t realize the cheese omelet would be as big as it was. Both dishes were extremely de-lish, but needless to say, I only ate the french toast and grilled andouille.  I took the omelet home for Raegan.

A la bananas foster with grilled andouille
Cheese Omelet w/home fries and fruit

Showtime: Well he just embraced himself in the full Cajun experience by starting off with an appetizer of  Seafood Gumbo.

Seafood Gumbo

And for his entree: The Bayou Platter

Bayou Platter

Ok, if this looks like it was a lot of food.  That’s b/c it was!  I forgot how well you get fed with Creole cooking and taking into account the starches like rice, bread and beans… yep, we got full quick! Not complaining, just saying… again, it was all worth it- LOL!  Everything was great and Showtime enjoyed himself which mattered to me.

My “Showtime”

What Did We Drink?

I’m usually drinking water with lemon so that I won’t endure the extra calories of a soda but why not, today I splurged! I enjoyed a nice, refreshing Shirley Temple (sprite and grenadine) b/c I don’t drink.

Gazing at the Lovely Scenery
Hi Everyone!
Whew, a lot of food!

Showtime enjoyed a “fru-fru” drink.  I can’t remember the name of it and since it contained alcohol, I didn’t pay much attention.  You can see it in the above picture.

What Else to Know about Cajun Queen

  • There is a live Jazz Band, 7 days of the week!
  • They offer complimentary valet parking b/c parking spaces are limited.
  • You can order your food online prior to seating! (I didn’t know this)
  • If trying to eat on a Saturday, booking a reservation prior would be a good idea.

Cajun Queen’s Review

I’m pretty sure you know the outcome of this review but let’s RECAP:

  • Atmosphere: Loved the historic touch with a New Orleans feel! 100%
  • Food/Drinks: Nothing to complain here… the quality, quantity and taste… all great! 100%
  • Staff: All were nice, had great service and tried to accommodate the best then could! 100%
  • The Company: Hmm he was aight! Nah, loved the fact my “Bae” finally experienced Cajun Queen with me! 100%
  • Overall: I always have a great experience with no complaints! 5/5 STAR MSQUEENRO RATING!

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  1. Queen Ro, you did an excellent job sharing you and Showtime’s experience at this establishment. I could almost taste the food and feel the pleasure of your afternoon. My husband and I will most definitely go there the next time we are in The Queen City.

    • Why Thank you Felicia and I appreciate you commenting! Thanks for the support! Yes, please visit Cajun Queen when you are in CLT. You won’t be disappointed!

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