Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

Living as a single parent; traveling around the world; working full time; and more… it’s hard maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I mean… I get in exercise at least once or twice a week and I make sure to keep my “not-so-good” eating habits down to a minimum, but I still find myself wondering… could I do more? 

Then one day a blog post from my Bestie in the U.K. popped up —–>! It was like she was reading my mind! It is a must read so I won’t tell too much about that article. However, in a nutshell, she came across this FREE workout plan; along with combining healthy recipes- keeping up this routine consistently is keeping her 30+ [not so much aging] body in shape! Let’s face it, once you hit 30… it seems your whole body changes- from a slowing down metabolism to some body part that sags in which you would NEVER guess would!

My Interview w/ Rowi

For those of you who don’t remember, Rowi and I became “blogger besties” in 2017. Here was our first collaboration article —–> Treating Dark and Tired Eyes. Since then we have remained in close contact, exchanging ideas and providing each other inspirational words to keep us motivated. My goal is fly out to the U.K. to meet her in person someday soon, but until then we will keep up with the collaboration articles to conserve our friendship! Branching out from skin care blogging, I wanted another opinion on how to maintain a healthier lifestyle. Upon reading her article, I wanted to know more! Thus begins our interview:

Q: You have such a busy life and you travel much… how do you find time to maintain a healthy lifestyle? 

  • It can seem like an obstacle, especially when leading busy lifestyles & being exposed to fast-food temptations everywhere! Staying motivated to healthy lifestyle choices can seem tough! (Nutrition, diet, exercise, rest & relaxation). My approach is to treat it as a general balance! Formed of daily habits that then become a part of our lifestyles with time & practice.

Q: Wow, can you provide my Royals with a specific example of an exercise routine?

  • During the week, it helps by thinking ahead; I prioritize evenings for physical exercise (at home). Working in an office, traditionally sitting down mostly; I feel it’s essential to maintain this. So, three times per week I do (short) 20min workouts (Easily squeezed in) Also, by making them High Intensity (HIIT) really makes this time most effective! With short yoga sessions too in- between for the relaxation side & deep stretches. Having this routine allows me to tune in physically with my overall wellbeing. 

Q:  Yes, exercise is only one aspect of a healthy lifestyle… what about your meals?

  • To make sure I eat enough nutrients each day, planning & preparing little nutrient-rich snacks to take to work helps restrict the sugar cravings when the in-between meal, hunger-pangs happen. Each day, I aim for three balanced meals & truly believe when we become fully aware of what we’re eating, looking out for nutrients, it helps to make objective food choices easier. For lunch, I’ll opt. Supermarket, looking out for fresher choices; Instead of a ‘meal deal’ (sandwich, drink & snack). I’ll try to make things like salads, or grains, maybe with some precooked fish etc. Veggies, Soups. Or, if sandwiches rather than the pre-made varieties, I’ll get the ingredients separately; lean meats Turkey, grained bread with salad etc. then make it up myself. It may cost a bit more initially / bit more of an effort. But, this way the food stretches further along the week, requiring only small top ups & less thought. At home; I keep stock in the cupboards all kinds of tins, whole ingredients, flours, oils to frozen berries for cooking with. By having these to hand I find it limits time needed to prepare quick, healthy balanced & yummy meals in the week, for me this preparation is really is the key.

Q: What is some advice you can provide to a person finding it hard to begin a healthy lifestyle? 

  • Stuck getting into the healthy lifestyle? I think the best advice I can offer is to approach it as a habit and give yourself small goals. We all start somewhere, for me I found approaching with small steps, dedicating a bit of time & thought daily helped make the good habits stick and even enjoy it. It’s super important to live fully & enjoy! Being healthy shouldn’t and truthfully need not feel like a massive chore!

Q: What is a tip to get them started?

  • Something that 100% motivates me is browsing online! There are masses of free content out there! The workouts I use are all on YouTube & for Free – It all happens in my living room! (No gym required). I follow people like Joe Wicks & The Body Coach TV, Popsugar Fitness, The Fitness Blender, yoga searches for various times of day etc. There are many recipe books available at little cost via Amazon, I like these to help inspire and plan meals ahead. There’s heaps of recipes/information literally at our fingertips.

Q: This was an amazing interview Rowi! Any lasting words for my Royal audience?

  • When in need of that push for motivation, try to think about what it is that you would like to improve on? Is it diet & more nutrition? Maintaining a lifestyle? Weigh loss or gain? Health improvements? What do you want? From here put a plan in place & commit to it (even if you crash here & there along the way!). Commit, for 3-4 months & after this period, I think most people will physically see and feel huge improvements in health, lifestyle choices, and appearance. From this point keeping it up will be much more sustainable and it all naturally becomes a part of your lifestyle.

Thank you Rowi!

Royals– I hope you enjoyed this interview b/c I sure learned a lot! What a way to jump off 2018! You know… some of you stated your resolution(s) were to lose weight or to eat better. Well, now you have your chance to get started on both! Let’s see… What tip will I take away? Oh yes! YOGA! The only time I dabbled in yoga was when I was pregnant. My gym offered maternity yoga classes as a way to learn how to ease labor pains. This time, it will help me find more ways to relax b/c my life runs on diesel fuel, constantly- LOL! Thank you for your lovely tips, Rowi and I can’t wait for our next collaboration! Make sure to follow her on and/or TW, IG, FB: @rowisbox!

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  1. Great article! I am a firm believer in setting and achieving mini goals in order to obtain your master goal. We are surrounded by excellent free wellness resources on Pinterest, YouTube, and local experts. I like that your article addressed the free resources to help eliminate an assumed barrier to wellness. Good article!

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