[Real-Life conversation between Ro and a former employee]

Her: Hi Ro… I feel like I’m stuck in my career; I feel like I’m not growing. Could you help me create a development plan that guides me in the right direction?

Me: Yes! We can have one-on-one coaching sessions to formulate a structured career mapping strategy. We will also design an efficient and effective development plan that is advantageous for your personal and professional life. It is my honor and privilege to pass on my knowledge so that I can push you (and others) to their highest potential!

What is Included?

  1. Physical or Virtual (via Telephone or Skype) One-on-One Consulting Sessions
  2. 12 [1 hour] planning sessions/ (Spread over 3 to 4 months)
  3. Re-do/Update of Resume
  4. Formulate Action Plans

How does it work?

  1. I will schedule meetings around your schedule and will work at your pace.
  2. Your resume will be initially created by you; however, I will provide formatting services until it is completed to your desire.
  3. I (along with your input) will develop suitable action plans to encourage self-development.
  4. My services are not just for corporate employees, I can also help bring your entrepreneurial business to a balance. Similiar principles apply.

Service Fee

Our first meeting is a FREE consultation. If you agree to the terms, a one time fee of $50 (non-refundable) will need to be paid in full prior to the next meeting. Form of payment: credit/debit card or pay pal only.


Working with a Life and Career Coach can be beneficial as long as you dedicate effort to complete action plans. Ro cannot and will not guarantee you will obtain career and financial success from these sessions. The purpose of these consultations is to provide you guidance, tools, and resources that can potentially put you in a better state- personally and professionally. It is encouraged that you perform your own research and self-development so that your progress moves along. If at any time you feel these consultations are no longer productive, you are welcome to cancel our sessions at any time. However, once again, NO refund will be provided.  Your fee will be forfeited.

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