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There are a lot of misconceptions about us introverts. Some of you think we are shy, don’t like to talk, don’t like to go out in public, always want to be alone… or maybe you may think we are just down right rude. Huh, well  some of that may be true (LOL) BUT for the most part… those are myths. Let me help you clear up some of these misconceptions by taking time to explain what an Introvert truly is. At the end, enjoy another vlog by MsQueenRo!

Myth #1: We are NOT shy!

Please don’t get it twisted… because we won’t step to you or make the first move, that makes you think we are shy. That is far from the truth. We are very selective on who we talk to. Most of the time we won’t make the first move b/c we want to observe first. Many times, if your energy is off… we will just turn around and walk the other way. It takes a lot of energy for us to have a full-fledged conversation upon first meeting someone. Therefore, if you come off too overbearing… you can forget it. It’s not that we are shy, it’s that we would rather walk up to you when you are a little more calm or maybe more inviting. Me personally… I LOVE THE SPOTLIGHThehehehehe– I may not make the first move to get me there.

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Myth #2: We DON’T always want to be alone!

Do we most of the time… hmmm yes not going to lie. We do LOVE our alone time! You see, introverts recharge by being alone. Again, it takes a lot of energy to mingle in a large group or to participate in a public speaking setting. When it’s all over with, we need to find a space for peace and quiet or else we become irritable, annoyed and possibly “snappy-mean”. However, this doesn’t mean we ALWAYS want to be alone. Most of us are not reclusive 100% of time. We enjoy company or love to hang out. We just like to do it when we are ready, yep- on our terms- LOL. Nah, many times we will go out if you ask us. (Again, you made the first move) We will go but judge us if we find a spot not occupied by too many people to hang out alone until someone comes to talk to us.

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Myth #3: We DON’T like to talk!

SO NOT TRUE! Most of you don’t allow us to talk! We would love to express our opinion but somehow, you end up taking over the conversation.

Me: So let me tell you what my employee did today, do you know he didn’t come to work again today?! This is now the 5th day in a row he has been out. That’s okay, he knows where he stands so when he comes back to office… (I get cut off)…

Coworker: Yep, I have the same situation happening with this employee right now! She has been out of the office for 2 days now without calling. We are about to send a Job Abandonment letter to this woman. What are you about to do with yours?

Me: Well yes, that is my next step but first I have to call him to make sure nothing has truly happened and then I will be contacting HR to… (cut off again)…

Coworker: Do you know when I called HR, the rep asked me all kinds of questions and I’m like… “yes Miss, I followed protocol before I called you, can you just mail out the letter please?!”

Me: So then what? [Notice at this point, I’ve shut down and decided to let my coworker finish their story b/c they obviously weren’t interested in mine]

Most introverts are thinkers. If we are not prepared for a conversation, it may take us a second to process what we are trying to say. Remain patient and QUIET with us. It will come together in a minute or two b/c our conversation is just as entertaining as yours- if not more. True listening is allowing us to get out our full thought before you intervene with yours.

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Myth #4: We are RUDE!

No we are NOT… well, we don’t mean to be- LOL. I can’t help the faces I make b/c as I stated we are thinkers. Moreover, many times what we are thinking comes out via our eyes or facial expressions. I’ve been told many years… “Ro, if your eyes could talk” or “Ro, you come off as unapproachable but when I get to know you… you are like the sweetest person!” Yes, I am. Stop prejudging me. A lot of times my look isn’t even meant for you. I’m probably focused on my work or maybe I was thinking about something that happened earlier. However, there has been some times those looks are meant for youjust saying. Instead of prejudging me, ask me what I am thinking. We so appreciate someone actually taking time to find out our opinion!

Fact #1: Where I DON’T want to have a conversation with you! (click below)

This one is in the form of a video, take a listen here!

Fact #2: An Introvert Mother vs an Extrovert Child

OMG, I have to continually pray for this situation. I love Raegan with all my heart but let me tell you, this is where I see us clashing as we grow old together. (Just keeping it 100) What makes it worse, it’s just her and I. It would be better if there was a 3rd person in the house so some heat can be taken off of me but NOPE, just me and her. Yep, just us twojust me annnndddd Raegan. “Father, God, … #jesusbuildmeafence so it can separate us both- LOL! Oh, don’t get your underwear in a bunch (LOL)… I love spending time with my daughter. It’s just I would love it even more when she learns the meaning of Mommy-time or my God… space! She continually wants to talk or play with me:

extrovert child

Raegan: Mommy, come play with me.

Me: Not right now Rae, can Mommy relax for a few minutes?

Raegan: Sure Mommy (5 minutes later) Mommy, what color is this?

Me: Raegan, you know what color it is.

Raegan: *giggles* I know, it’s red.

Me: *fake smile*

Raegan: Mommy, what is this word?

Me: *Now annoyed* The word is “crown”. Yep, you see that picture beside it… yes, Raegan that’s a crown. It was a crown when we talked about it yesterday, and it’s the same crown today. SMH… (praying under my breath) “Father, in the name of Jesus… please let child give me 10 minutes to myself.

Raegan: Mommy, who are you talking to?

Me: I changed my name to Fred.

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  1. This post is the story of my entire life!!!! Reagan and Camille need to be friends and be together….. alone time is no longer an option in motherhood… I promise I am not rude or mean or unapproachable… I just don’t like talking or being put in the spotlight or in uncomfortable situations…. thanks for the eye opener for people who don’t understand us

    • Yes, we need to lock up our kids in a room so we can get at least an hour of peace LOL! I’m glad you feel my pain and if anyone would understand I knew you would. Thank you for commenting and for being a loyal, Royal reader! XOXOXOXOXO

  2. This post was EVERYTHING! I’m going to print it out and hand it to people when they first meet me lol I’ve always been told my faces tell it all but I’m like y’all just don’t even know, I’m thinking about dinner not this conversation! 😂 But seriously, being an introvert, I can agree people have misconceptions behind our reactions. Also, when we do show extrovert characteristics sometimes, I believe it confuses people. For example, talking to me, people think I love to talk. When really, I would prefer to be silently listening to music all the time and alone. But I know how to turn it off and turn it on bc I wouldn’t get anywhere in life if I acted like that. 😇 I haven’t gotten to the parent stage yet and from your posts, I know I need to wait to be successful 🤗 Lol

    • Wow Tierra, you are right! I would have never thought that you were an Introvert… maybe an Ambivert… but an Introvert- wow that is amazing. You are correct… in order for us to be successful we do have to show extrovert characteristics but it takes soooo much energy LOL. I’m like you, I would rather sit and listen to music or watch a movie but nope, that’s when someone walks up to me or calls me to talk. Sheesh… LOL… thank you for reading and commenting!

    • Yep Arionne, there are those people too LOL. I didn’t include them in this post. Actually, the majority of the world is made up of ambiverts (if you didn’t already know).

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