Girls Trip Movie Review

girls trip movie review

It’s about time, a comedic movie featuring women of color has been featured in the box office! Seems like it has been a while! In the drama and comedic category GIRLS TRIP has been my all time favorite so far in 2017!

girls trip movie
Girl Power strikes again! (I’m in the middle)

The Girls

They could not have picked the best cast to play in this movie!


I mean, who doesn’t like to see Queen Latifah (Sasha) to play in a movie! It’s been a minute since she stepped on the BIG screen at least for a major role but it seems like she never left. I always love her calm, collected roles she plays in movies. She is so matured not too much drama around her and I love that! Well, maybe not in this movie… her character does play a “drama-queen” so-to-speak.


Then there is Jada Pinkett-Smith (Lisa)! I thought I would relate to her character a divorced, single Mom who plays pretty much a “goody-two shoes” in the movie. However, as the movie went on… turns out, it wasn’t her character I would relate to. Nevertheless, I still loved her! I mean, someone had to be the peacemaker of the group and she usually wound up being the one.

girls trip review


Next we have Regina Hall’s character (Ryan); yep, 80% me all around! She had her “stuff” pretty much together- well, at least it seemed that way. But later found out, although you strive to be perfect, you soon find out… nope, you are not! My relation to Ryan runs deeper than her being an independent, strong woman… later in the post, you will find out deeper reasons why that character touched me the most.


Lastly, we have (Dina)… introducing Tiffany Haddish! Even though I relate more to Ryan, Dina was far more my favorite girl of the group! After researching Tiffany some, it appears this is her first big role. What a way to come out! Tiffany truly made the movie! She is a comedian/actress that I know will go to large heights after this movie! Dina was a straight fool who had everyone in the movie theater laughing from beginning to the end!

The Drama

girls trip movie review
Love you girls!

It wouldn’t be a girls movie without drama! Of course there is men-drama within the movie, but then there is also the drama between the friends themselves. Some of the drama lies within each of them but also, there are some deep “demons” that arise from their past which come clear in the present. Moreover, it is still that drama that brings them closer together and no man, no problem, and not even each other will break the bond they created being “sister-girls” since college. Speaking of drama, there are some “good-drama” moments within the movie. They involve a couple of “eye-candy” menz (yes, I said menz) that the girls get wrapped up into. One of them being Larenz Tate.

The Relation

ryan from girls trip

So I mentioned earlier, if I had to pick the one girl I relate to the most, it would be Ryan; but it’s not what you think. Yes, she is this tenacious, independent boss-lady that everyone respects and holds a lot of credibility- hahaha, sounds just like me! However, that’s not the main reason. The real reason is THE FEAR she faces of being less than perfect. Ryan has built her personal brand which at the time, included her husband, yet the minute things go wrong, she becomes fearful that she won’t be able to make it without him; or maybe it was the fear of her image being tainted when the truth came out. Either way, those are all the feelings I felt as I was going through my divorce. I felt like a failure; I felt my personal brand crumbling; and I felt that I let a lot of people down. Nonetheless (just like Ryan) it was a support system that kept me afloat; it included many prayers and a select set of people who always had my back.

Girls Trip Review

I can’t say it too many times, this movie was absolutely marvelous! It had comedy, drama, romance… just a bit of everything! Thank you Malcolm D. Lee and William Packer for providing us such entertaining movies like this one! Just like, Ride Along 2; No Good Deed; The Best Man; The Best Man Holiday and so many more… you two made this movie just as grand! It’s so lovely see people of color prospering not only in front of the camera but also behind! Overall, this movie receives a 5/5 Star Queen Rating! I wouldn’t mind seeing it over and over. I will definitely purchase the electronic copy when it comes out on DVD.

NOTE: The movie is rated “R”, it was made for the grown and mature. It’s at your own risk that you allow anyone under 18 to view the movie. This review is of my opinion.

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girls trip movie
Girl Power!
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  1. I absolutely loved this movie!!!! There were times during the movie I couldn’t stop laughing. While I was watching the movie I couldn’t help but compare myself to a couple of the characters, which I’m sure every woman did when they seen the movie (can’t really help it lol). I think I relate to Lisa (Jada) just because I have a few Dina’s in my group so some one has to be the calm one, even though I have a little Dina in me too!

    • HAHAHAHA Tanya, Yeah I can see you as Jada but don’t get it twisted, I’ve def seen some Dina in you as well LOL! So glad you enjoyed the movie and the post.

  2. Great review!!! I thoroughly enjoyed this movie literally from beginning to end! It’s hard for me to pick on character that I identify with the most because I saw parts of myself in each. Because of that, it cannot be overstated that movie wonderfully written and directed.

    • I too saw myself in each character but Ryan hit home the most. Thank you Angela for your reading and for your comment.

  3. The funniest movie I have seen in a while!!! I can relate to all of the women….. think we all have a good mixture of each one of them in us. This movie really makes me miss my friends and New Orleans!!! And I must add I have never been in a movie theater full of all types of women ever…. with an exception of the 2 men dragged my their girls including mine. And everyone needs a Dina in their crew!!

    • Yassssss Charne! Now why I didn’t I think to ask you to go! I will def let you know next time for our girls outing- my bad girl! But yes, I believe we have a little of all of them in us but I had to tell who I related to the mos, Dina included LOL! And those know they enjoyed the movie even if they don’t admit it LOL! Thank you for commenting!

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