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The Kings' in Manhattan

Whether you are striving to become an entrepreneur or working at a fortune 500 company, finding your passion can be difficult. Now, you may know the skills you are proficient in or maybe you enjoy a certain line of work but are you passionate about it? Hey… maybe you are trying to figure it out and that is okay. Sometimes, it can take you maturing in your line of work to have an “ah-ha” moment and say… “by golly I have it!” Then there are times where you may need a little guidance from others. Do you know anyone that has gone through this same type of experience? Well, I have just the couple… introducing… The Kings!

My First Encounter

I first met the Kings at the Black Charlotte Business Coalition Summer Expo. What is that? Click here to read more about the movement. What intrigued me is their niche- “I [Mario] am the writer and my wife [Kasha] is the cook and together we make GoodReats.” Of course my next question in my head was, soooo what is it that you guys do??? Huh, but before we get to that… let’s hear more about the Kings’… ergo my interview begins:

Tell us about the Kings [MsQueenRo]

The Kings…that can be a loaded question (laughs). We are believers. We would like to think that we are “awesome” parents to our children. We are humbled. We have a strong desire to push our culture forward by uplifting our communities. Through it all- we still find time to live life with laughter. We are not the perfect couple, nor do we strive to be. Just like everyday people we learn from our mistakes. Ultimately each day we just try to be better spouses, parents, children, friends and neighbors. [Mario]

What is MDK Entertainment & how did that brand turn into cooking and reading?

Awww that’s sweet- yet I’m still confused as to how a media company turned into this couple making videos about cooking and books? MDK Entertainment LLC is a media platform dedicated to uplifting minds through publication and content creation. We believe in making dreams known. The initial launch of the brand was created as a means for me to publish my literary works. Soon afterwards I wanted to tap back into my production skills hence the creation of our first original programming GoodReats. The idea for GoodReats derived from my love for the written word and Kasha’s knack for creating dishes in the kitchen. With the understanding that good conversations usually accompany a good meal or book, we instantly believed that this would be a good vehicle to continue our mission of uplifting communities via various table conversations. [Mario]

goodreats logo

[Pause]… I have to see these videos for myself…

  1. Episode: 201
  2. Episode: 202
  3. Episode: 203

Did you view an episode? Are you hooked, I know I am!!!! After viewing the first video, I thought this was the cutest idea! Mario was correct! I foresee some deep conversations once we sit down at the table to eat a great meal while talking about the book we concluded. In addition, it’s a husband and wife duo! You know that’s the “thing” now… Examples: David and Tamela Mann; Chip and Joanna Gaines; or even similar to Pat and Gina Neely!

Turning your niche into a Passion

Okay, can I just say what they are doing sounds just like what I am working towards! Minus the cooking part, I’ve always been skilled at writing (not bragging, just saying) so I decided to take this skill and merge it with my passion of developing people- thus my blog was born! You know what… since I have the King’s here- why don’t we hear more from them on how their passion evolved…

How did cooking and reading turn into a business passion?

When GoodReats initially launched, we didn’t realize the impact it would ultimately have on our relationship. It has enabled us to bond via another connection outside of what we had become accustomed to. As a result, the business passion developed. We figured if it was helping us then we knew that it would help others. Therefore, we decided to kick it up a notch in Season 2 by investing more time, money and effort into the project. Our hope is to broaden our audience and continue to season literacy with love. [Mario]

GoodReats- Chocolate Trinity 11

For someone narrowing down their passion, what skills would you recommend?

Narrowing down our dreams/passions can be the most frustrating aspect about our journey. Once you’re able to narrow down your passions, you must do the necessary strategic research to fulfill it. The research aspect doesn’t have a timetable. It can be days, months or years. For example, if you aspire to become a doctor or lawyer you understand that there are some certain criteria (in terms of degrees) you would have to meet. This is the same concept. Your time and energy should be focused on your passion in some way. By doing that the skill-set would come easy to you because it will be natural. [Mario]

What methods could you use to learn more about your passion?

Honestly the method that has been the most beneficial outside of self-study is networking. By effectively networking you’re able to build that circle of influence that is needed to assist you in the fulfillment of your desired passion. Within that circle, you will have accountability partners to push you to the level you desire to reach. This is key to your success. [Mario]

What is next for the King Brand?

We don’t know what the future holds, but we will continue to be pillars within our community and household. That is the brand we will never take for granted. If that becomes the apex of our journey, we can live with that. [Mario]

Such Great Advice

Amen Mario! Thank you for your insight on how to find your passion. May I add… it doesn’t matter where you utilize your passion, you should narrow it down so that you will feel valued and your purpose is being fulfilled. It’s nice to know Mario helped me by confirming the notion- determining your passion can be a difficult journey but once you know and work it… nothing is more pleasant than feeling like you are effectively working your brand.

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