Yes I have a business side, but as I mentioned there is a side that I want to tell it all- from my own opinion that is!  Ever since I can remember, I have always been fascinated with the news.  I LOVE it all… business, politics, entertainment news… if you are reporting it, then most likely I am interested.  Let’s not get it twisted however… it’s not from a nosy standpoint; uncertainty does not mesh well with my personality.  

I have always called myself a nerd because I am always wanting to learn something new. It is for these reasons and more, I am drawn to watching the news every morning (after my devotion); my Twitter notifications consistently keep me updated on the latest and greatest; and there is usually not a day that goes by that I head to GOOGLE to research something to keep my brain working!

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Smile… it does a body Good!

On the flip side, I am a TV junkie!  I watch everything from the HISTORY channel, to the TRAVEL channel, to my fantasy shows like ONCE UPON A TIME, and let’s not forget about my dramas like HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER!

Oh how I love to laugh… there are a couple of sitcoms I watch weekly such as BLACKISH and THE LAST MAN ON EARTH! Yes, I’m pretty diverse when it comes to TV and sometimes I just want to comment on what I’ve seen.  This is the reason for my entertainment page; I have my opinions and I know there are many of you that want to express yours as well LOL! I welcome short comments or even your opinionated commentary so please… feel free to express your assessments on my stories/reviews as well.  Hey you never know, it may lead to a friendly debate… I’m cool with that too 😉

She LOVES to Travel!

One more thing- THE QUEEN digs traveling, trying new restaurants… I am just one adventurous chick!!!  The possibilities are endless and I want you to experience these excitements with me.  Thereupon, you will see various blog reviews from the places I visit.  ~Stay tuned for an exciting ride~

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