Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Movie Review- Yes for Diversity!

While writing my Disney movie review, I will do my best to portray the highlights without giving away the movie but I am soooo hyped that it may just spill out through my fingers! 


The movie was absolutely amazing!!!

It captured the original perfectly with it’s added adult spins!  I have to give it to Disney… you never know what you are going to get with a remake but Disney knows how to keep their audience captivated.

Screaming  YASSSSSS for Diversity!

Friend girls- Date night!

One thing that I adored the most- not included in the original- was the add-in of diversity!  And I’m not just talking about a sprinkle here and there of color- right from the start- were colorful rays of sunshine cast as main characters (see picture above) and extras.  So I thought I would include my picture to go along with it.

Now there was another portrayal of diversity through the eyes of the character Lefou.  He was an interesting fellow… acting a little different from the original [movie] but again, I have to give it up for Disney b/c they are doing their part in remaining inclusive.  Although modest actions, as an adult you understood what Disney was alluding to.  Well, you will have to see it to believe it.

Disney kept it pretty equal!

Don’t you just hate when a remake happens and it is NOTHING like the original??!!  I mean yes, sometimes you want the remake to stand alone somewhat; but most of us, especially if you are a Disney advocate- such as myself- want to keep it the same.  So did they come through? YES, DISNEY DID!  They kept all the original Beauty and the Beast songs plus added in a couple more to go along with the extra story lines.  The extra story lines… some may say they weren’t needed but I’m totally for backstories. When you watch an original, you sometimes wonder why some of the characters behave as they do; so to me, a backstory is necessary to understand the full picture of a scene.  Ex: Marvel does a great job in telling backstories.

Beauty and the Beast Review

Well there is no question, this movie is getting a perfect rating!  And I promise I am NOT bias to the fact b/c I am a Disney connoisseur- LOL!  Actually, comparing it to the adult Cinderella movie~ Cinderella being my favorite Disney Princess so I had high hopes~ I rate Beauty and the Beast higher! 5/5 STAR QUEEN RATING!

Music Video (starring John Legend and Ariana Grande):  Beauty and the Beast (From “Beauty and the Beast”/Official Video)

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  1. This was a great movie and did have diversity! Not just race diversity but sexual orientation diversity and it was wonderful to see the play between characters and their development. Very impressed with Disney!

    • You are so right Katherine! There was diversity in many aspects, I absolutely loved the movie. Thanks so much for commenting and visiting my site! Come back!

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