Beauty Sleep Skin Care Review… what a wonderful Facial!

If you have never had a facial you do not know what you are missing!

Not only is it just a relaxing experience, it is a healthy procedure for your skin.  Yes, great skin care starts at home and should be a daily routine but treating yourself to a facial brings “life” back to your face!  An effective licensed aesthetician can do a deeper analysis of your face b/c we are trained to look for defects the regular eye can’t see.

Old friends reunite…

With that being said, I hadn’t been able receive a facial since the Princess was born- around 4 years ago.  Why??? Life- that’s why- you know, priorities changed once a baby came and not to mention, some personal adjustments were happening in my life.  So when Teresa Vargas (business associate from aesthetician school) messaged me on Facebook a few weeks ago, I was NOT telling her NO.  One way or another, I was getting a facial!

No need to feel anxiety here!

Upon walking into her new location- she had since moved from where I used to visit- you automatically get a sense of calm and relaxation.  

The lighting is dim, the music is low… even the pictures on the wall are elegant and painted with subtle colors will put you at ease. 

It is your choice to get waste-up undressed but I highly recommend it.  Tip: A true aesthetician doesn’t just focus on your face… your neck and decolletage are just as important, especially for women.  How many of you want to wear that “off the shoulder” dress or blouse  but may be too embarrassed to show your chest due to sun damage or acne?  A good scrub will help that i.e. a microdermabrasion treatment!

[Before facial]
Due to Teresa and I having a relationship, she remembered my problem area (my nose) and knew my favorite part of the a facial is the exfoliation step. Tip: You want to tell your skin therapist upfront what you want them to focus on.  Treat them the same way as if you were getting checked by a doctor.  [The nurse does a pre-evaluation and then the doctor treats the problem areas.]  The same goes for a facial treatment; you tell the therapist before they get started otherwise your snoring will outweigh the real reason why you came in, in the first place.

The Facial

She recommended I receive one of her signature treatments a full- European Facial adding in a Microdermabrasion Treatment.  Can we say… YAAAASSSSS!!!  Tip: Microdermabrasion is the ultimate treatment if you are trying to bring life back into your face b/c it appears dull or trying to remove excess skin which could be causing problems like dryness.  For me, the microdermabrasion step is most important on my nose b/c that’s where my stubborn blackheads want to reside.

Tip: An exfoliation brush is excellent to use- at least- every other day for any skin type.  It gives you a deeper cleaning along with lightly scrubbing away blackheads and excess dirt/makeup. Some of you use an amateurish form of microdermabrasion when you use the over-the-counter exfoliating brush such as this:or 

Other steps of a full facial will include (may vary depending on the treatment):a skin analysis; facial massage; and/or head or some other upper body part massage such as hands or shoulders.  I hadn’t gotten my hair done yet so I gave Teresa permission to fire away with the head massage, neck and hands… hmmmm, I’m getting chill bumps just thinking about it.

Oh I almost forgot one step… the treatment mask.  This step includes a specialized serum hand picked by you and your therapist catered to treat a problem or it can be used as a supplement.  I chose a supplement.  Thankfully, I hardly have problems with my skin but I wanted it to feel revived again by infusing it with Vitamins A, C, E, and F.

[Dermalogica’s Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque]
In the end, I can’t tell you how relaxed my body felt and rejuvenated my skin felt!  My skin was brighter, less dull looking… look below… i know you can tell a difference!

[After facial]

Spa Review

Whether you visit Teresa @Beauty Sleep Skin Care or another aesthetic spa… please treat yourself to a facial… no matter your gender.  If you have skin and care about skincare health, a facial is the right treatment to do.  I will highly recommend Teresa to anyone; her professionalism and her level of care for her clients is extraordinary.  She is transparent when it comes to her skin analysis and she will never let you leave w/out giving you a recommendation. 5/5 STAR QUEEN RATING all the way!

Comment Below: Have you received a facial before?  What is your favorite step and why?

~If you would like to contact Teresa, send an email to:  Make sure to tell her… MsQueenRo sent you ;-)~

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