All “Eyes on Me” Beauty Bar- Royal Review

eyes on me beauty bar

After my teeth whitening experience I am now hooked! If you have never had it done, head over to Eyes on Me Beauty Bar by Kiki!

Meet Kiki…

She is the spa owner and service provider! Her experience in the dental and cosmetology industries has led her to open her own spa where she specializes in beauty, health, and wellness. If you would like to know more about Kiki and her credentials, visit here!

eyes on me beauty bar

In the Beginning…

There is something serene upon walking into her spa. [Picture This] She has the room lightly lit against the dark walls. There is a touch of red placed around the room to match her “spicey” personality! She offers you a bottle of water or maybe a glass of wine is more your fancy to calm your nerves. By now, you should be ready to jump onto her massage table (bed)! You feel like you want to go to sleep as soon as you lay your head on the pillow. Kiki has already turned on the bed warmer so your sheets are warm and cozy and oooooohhhh, there is a bed massager! I was in “heaven” 😉

eyes on me beauty bar
A house turned into a spa!

eyes on me beauty bar
Limited lightening… wonderful!

eyes on me beauty bar
Your choice of wine, water, coffee or tea!

eyes on me beauty bar
Your choice of facial products for sale

The Whitening Begins…

Kiki is very detailed as she explains the whitening process before you drift off into la la land. I’ll allow Kiki to share exact details during your visit; however, I will share one. If you are unable OR if you feel keeping in a mouth guard for at least 45 minutes will be hard, this procedure may not be for you. For my experience, nothing was uncomfortable. In FACT, I fell asleep a few times- LOL! Between the bed massager, the bed warmer and the soothing music playing… I was done! 🙂

eyes on me beauty bar
My teeth BEFORE!

During the Procedure…

If you do fall asleep, you will be awakened a couple of times but for good reason. Kiki has to ensure your mouth is still comfortable and that nothing else “weird” is happening (not that anything is expected). By now, all lights are turned off in the room except for an LED shining on your teeth. NOTE: Don’t worry you will wear protective goggles to protect your eyes. Then you are just enjoying the 45 minute to 60-minute rest as the whitening product seeps into your teeth. As stated in the beginning of this review, the complete procedure is really serene which is proven as you lay there quietly in your thoughts or dreams.

eyes on me beauty bar
LED shines brightly on my teeth!

eyes on me beauty bar

The Results!

OMGOMGOMG!!! I couldn’t stop looking in the mirror!!! I totally saw a difference once the procedure was over! You may see some white streaks on your teeth but that is proof it worked! The streaks went away after a few hours. NOTE: Results are based on the person’s lifestyle; EX: If you smoke and/or drink coffee constantly… you may not see deep results as you would like. However, you should notice a difference. Oh, did I forget to mention the best part… she sends you home with goodies! You are sent home with a home kit containing a mouth guard- formed the shape of your teeth- and a couple of tubes filled with the whitening formula. It will be up to you to use it daily until the product runs out. I highly recommend completing this step for more effective results.

eyes on me beauty bar
Procedure completed! (white streaks are normal)

“Eyes on Me” Review

For my first teeth whitening procedure, I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed the complete experience!  From a serene spa setting to a professional environment, you will be TOTALLY pleased with Kiki’s service! One more thing… teeth whitening is just ONE OF MANY services Kiki offers; other services include… body polishing (that is what I’ll be getting next); facials; waxing and much more! Don’t limit yourself. This is why she calls it a “beauty bar!” You have your choice of services… just pick one or a combination. Kiki, your spa truly receives a 5/5 STAR QUEEN RATING all the way!

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To learn about all the services Kiki provides and to book your appointment, click here —-> Eyes on Me Beauty Bar by Kiki

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eyes on me beauty bar
1 day after… they are even brighter! The photo isn’t edited, just zoomed in!
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