Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies | Minor in History | Master of Business Administration in Public Administration


She is a STRONG, independent, BEAUTIFUL, compassionate, creative, CONFIDENT and fun LEADER and MOTHER who has an eagerness to develop and encourage others through real-life personal and career experiences.  It has been from her Christian faith and the support of family/ friends that has given her the wisdom to assist others.

MS~ I created this blog because I wanted another avenue to pass on guidance to anyone who has a willingness to grow personally and professionally.  By no means am I an expert, nor do I claim to be. Nonetheless, I have learned to be more open in receiving knowledge and now- I’m paying it forward- so that anyone can advance in life.  My references are from REAL LIFE STORIES that I don’t mind sharing with the world in hopes of inspiring others.  Working in the corporate world for over 16 years, in addition, being in leadership for over 10… ummm yes, I have learned a thing or two. Some experiences will be from my own, some will be from others… either way… it will be through my writing and videos that you will feel EMPOWERED to mature on many levels!

QUEEN~ I am of “Regal Status” because of my many talents outside of management.  I am a Licensed Aesthetician; dedicated Makeup Artist; your passionate Mary Kay Consultant (click the link to order products); an impressive wedding director; an organized event planner and I dabble in fashion consulting.  Aside from all of those attributes, nothing can compare to being a Mom!  My PRINCESS means the world to me and nothing would help me feel more fulfilled knowing I can pass on parenting knowledge especially from aspects of a single Mom.  My mission is to ENRICH the lives of others in hopes they will take different paths towards greatness!

RO~ Oh yeah, there is one more side to me… Yes, I am a professional, reserved, somewhat introverted and honestly, just a plain nerd but there is a side that wants to COME OUT every now and then.  This is my opinionated side… there I said it- LOL!  Most of the time I do not say my thoughts out loud because I can be direct in my transparency.  But I might as well because the words just transfuse through my eyes which leads to uncontrollable facial expressions- well, so they tell me.  Due to this transgression, I had to include a set of ENTERTAINING blogs/vlogs such as TV/movie reviews, travel summaries, and current events.  I mean… I have thoughts so why not tell them to you 😉

Engagement is what I need to become successful, so feel free to COMMENT and/or SHARE my posts on social media.  I am open to receiving blog/vlog requests, topic ideas or if you would like my personal opinion on any subject click here to send me an email.   May God Bless you on your journey!


{I would like to dedicate this blog to my cousin [N. Hanson] whom gave me the push to get started!}

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