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Welcome to my LAST article … Oh don’t get your panties in a bunch *LOL* I meant for 2017! If you are reading this post, you must give God praise b/c that means you made it through another 365 days! For my last post, I will touch on the highlights of this year of completion (Christians believe the #7 represents the number for completion). I will also share how I was able to move on from a terrible loss; finding what love is again; and lastly, the start of a Royal legacy!

From a Loss Came a Purpose

January 2017: I was sitting in choir practice when I received a call from my Uncle. I let it go to voicemail b/c we practice in a basement; there isn’t a good signal down there. It was late when he called which was odd, so I stepped outside to listen. My heart dropped when I heard one of my first cousins passed away suddenly. No, not David! He was only 2 years older than me; he and I were pretty close… more like brother and sister than cousins. After calling my Uncle to receive the complete story, I just broke down in shock. Really, God, this is how my year is going to begin! Yet, there isn’t anything you can do but pray for peace. Only God understands why situations happen the way they do. Little did I know the loss I suffered helped me put my own life in perspective. You don’t know how long you have on this Earth so why keep putting off dreams and aspirations? Live for the “here and now!” David’s loss set the tone for my purpose. I asked God to provide me an idea and wisdom to reach a larger audience to motivate and inspire. That idea came in the form of another cousin introducing me into the world of blogging!

msqueenro legacy
I love you David!

My MsQueenRo Brand is Born

After the funeral, the cousin I just spoke of- we decided to have some time alone to catch up. You know… b/c you usually only see extended family members during wedding and funerals. They were telling me about their blog and at the time, I didn’t understand the purpose of blogging. Honestly, I really didn’t know what blogging was until it was explained to me:

  • Me: Oh! So you mean when I GOOGLE a subject and an article pops up that is usually a blog I’m reading?
  • Cuz: Yes, exactly!
  • Me: Oh, interesting! I can do that! That’s exactly the platform I need to reach a bigger audience! Thank you, Cousin! I will dedicate msqueenro.com to you! [I did that here.]
  • Cuz: *smile* Thanks, happy to help!

April 1, 2017: No joke established on this day, just the launch of MsQueenRo.com! I took the months of February and March to research different blogs and establish my theme. Let me tell you, those of you that want to pay for these “master-classes,” pay big bucks for marketing or for someone to put together a website for you. Hey, not judging but I take pride in learning to do things on my own. You can’t wait and rely on others to help. “If you want something done, sometimes you have to do it yourself!” (One of my mottos.) YouTube and podcasts were my best friends during this time period. I researched the best website platforms to use and created my website- ON MY OWN! After the funeral, I had a purpose and a goal. I am proud to say it was accomplished on 4/1/17!


Europe, Here I Come!

September 2017: It had been on my bucket list to begin touring in Europe in the next 2 years. However, God opened a door when my Aunt invited me to tour with her in Italy! I was like YES, sign me up! And it was in September… talk about a great birthday gift for myself! Off to Rome Italy we went! [Click here to read about the experience.] But it didn’t stop there! I told her I wanted to go back to Europe but I wanted to go on my own. Yes, travel to Europe all by my “little lonesome.” She always traveled the world alone so she understood the rush I would get doing it. In November 2017… I did just that. I traveled across the Atlantic by myself, checked into the hotel-alone, and visited sites by myself! To this day I still can’t believe I checked 2 things off my bucket list- travel to Europe AND did one major solitude trip! [To read about my trip to Barcelona Spain, click here]. Royals- I encourage you in 2018 to check something off your bucket list. It’s a GREAT feeling!

While visiting the Vatican…

While visiting Spain…

A Royal Legacy Begins

December 2017: Wow! My MsQueenRo brand has really been blessed. Let me paint the picture for you: I began in April with around 500 followers on all my social media platforms. [I never paid much attention to social media. I went on every now and again to check out what my friends and family were up to]. Currently, I have over 4100 followers on all my social media platforms (including FB groups) combined! Glory be to God right! One chapter ends and one is beginning… what does that mean? It’s time to move my Royal brand to another level. Currently, under this Royal umbrella I have:

  • My personal blog and social fan pages: msqueenro.com/ @msqueenro (FB and IG)/ @msqueenroblog (TW)
  • 2 FB social groups: Lifestyles of a Royal Family (in this group you can market your business or blog freely while building relationships and networking); Queen’s Haven Fan Club (in this group you can voice your opinion regarding current events while waiting for the launch of our upcoming radio talk show)

Now introducingAndre’s Royal Photography! I have teamed up with this talented photographer to not only use him for myself *LOL* but also, he is on call to photograph any Loyal Royal for a small fee. His work is like no other! Upon receiving your digital copies, you will notice his work is different than other photographers. This is b/c his focus is capturing the *realness* of your picture. *See Below* There is an artistic glow from his pictures in which I adored; this is why I asked him to partner with me and grow my Royal brand! Our visions aligned!

  • To contact K. Andre, visit his FB page: @kgrafikfoto (yes, he is mobile)
  • Join our FB group: @andresroyalphotography (here you can freely post pix of your session for marketing and motivational purposes)


Sunset Park, Brooklyn NY

Ending 2017 in Love

December 31, 2017: The holidays can be a joyous time of the year but it can also be lonely. It’s been tough as a single Mom. Nonetheless, God has given me the strength and kept me focused to accomplish all of these goals mentioned in this article! In addition, I am thankful to be going into a new year with my beautiful Princess. She has shown me what it means to not be lonely and reminded me that love doesn’t always mean adult companionship. Love comes in many forms, even when you are not looking for it. To learn how I found love… click here.

queen and princess

MsQueenRo and Princess Rae

Your Call to Action

There are many links in this article for you to click and join somewhere! Don’t leave without joining a page, a group, something! Thank you, Royal, for being Loyal and I wish you the best going into 2018! Oh! Let me tell you my last goal… this post marks my 52nd article published on msqueenro.com! This equates to one article written per week in a year! Look at God… and I didn’t even start week one! 😉 #hardworker

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