Wonder Woman’s Movie Review

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It’s been a while since I’ve done a movie review and WOW- did I wait for the appropriate time to write another!

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This DC Comic movie has been my favorite thus far!  Well- Batman vs. Superman was good- but let’s face it, watching a super-powered woman, fly through the air… throw men like they are rag dolls, brings a sense of empowerment to anyone who watches it- especially women.

Her Backstory

I still surprise myself on how I get into these super-hero movies.  I think it stems from my love of Disney. I’m really into fantasy type movies- from princesses to monsters. So it wasn’t a wonder that Marvel (also owned by Disney) and DC just fit right in the mix. I say all of that b/c I’ve never been into comics.  I never read any as a kid and I definitely didn’t watch any of the cartoons like Batman or The Flash. So, I’m thankful for the backstories which are provided by both companies. I was surprised WW started off her first movie with a backstory. Normally, superhero movies screen a couple of episodes before they break out the main character’s story on how they came to be. Nonetheless, I was so glad they explained her story in this one.  It really gave us the reasoning behind her powers and why she entered the world in the first place.

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The History

Since learning about Greek mythology in high school, I’ve always loved hearing the stories of the different figures/characters representing certain reasons as to why something exists.  Not that I believed in the stories, they were just interesting to hear.  Again, it stems back for the love of fantasy stories. If you love history or just Greek mythology, this movie is for you.  Without giving away too much of the movie, I didn’t know Wonder Woman evolved from the Amazons. I mean, now that I think about it… it makes sense.  How else would this super woman hero obtain her powers and strength?!

Woman Empowerment

The obvious representation is the women characters within the movie.  Let me tell you, these are some baaaaaaaad women and the fight scenes… whoooooa… I’ll just say the men they were fighting against were like little flies being crush by giant feet!  There were women flying while fighting and the way they used a bow and arrow was beyond interesting.  However, the main source of empowerment stems from the outside of the movie.  I’m referring to the person whom directed the movie- Patty Jenkins. She is considered the first female to direct a studio superhero movie (although) it’s not her first movie.  She also directed the movie Monster in 2003. We all know or should assume, directing movies (especially, superhero movies) are led mainly by men. Finally… women are seizing the chance to hold stronger roles not just in front of the camera but behind!

Wonder Woman Review

Overall, this movie receives a 5/5 Star Queen Rating!  The fight scenes in the movie kept me captivated while the history kept me enthused.  If you are a DC fan, you don’t want to miss this introduction of this stupendous character Wonder Woman.  (spoiler alert) Besides, one of the movie trailers that played prior to the movie shows a snippet of what’s coming… DC’s Justice League! I would hope you will want to know more about Wonder Woman so that you have all the pieces to the puzzle! Lastly, let’s support the sister director so that she is accredited to direct more!

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  1. I thought the movie was Great. I have a coworker that seen it 4 times already. The background knowledge of her in the movie was so key for those who didn’t follow up alot in the comics. Overall I give DC an A for having the courage to put this movie out. Marvel has yet to do one with a Female character yet!!

    • Thanks Bert for your commentary. Marvel does have the Black Widow (Avengers) but I see your point, she is NO Wonder Woman.

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