What NOT to Do and Wear on Easter Sunday

Easter Flashbacks

Why am I making this Easter video? There were some not-so-good moments that happened to me last year and recently.  I felt it necessary to share my experiences just in case you come across the same instance… you will know how to handle it (maybe) LOL!

I’m Confused

My First Vlog!

I’m excited to reveal my first Vlog!  Some followers have asked me to do a Vlog series.  I’m not sure if I will do a “series” but in the essence of keeping my blogs creative, I will make some videos for your entertainment- LOL!

Feedback for MsQueenRo

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Comment Below: What interesting encounters have you experienced on Easter Sunday? Share!

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  1. Hey sis, wonderful job with the blog, I loved the whole thing but was definitely buggin on the last part. I feel you though. If I seen a big kid runnin my niece over I would Last Dragon them lol. I’ll tell you what that means later.

    • Thanks Sis! Yep, you know we don’t play when it comes to our family LOL… but Last Dragon on them… yeah you have to elaborate later LOL! Thanks for the suppport… love ya!

  2. Ummmm I was at choir practice last Sunday and it’s funny cus … I didn’t see you there 🤔🤔🤔 … 😂. Jk. Great site though! ❤️

  3. Loved it!! Miss Barbara said what?? LOL. You had me at..”I’ll push a kid”..LOL…you are too funny. I really enjoyed this post. Happy Easter!

    • Awww thanks and yes Debbie, when it comes to my baby… watch out LOL! Thank you for your support and encouragement… come back… glad you enjoyed it! Happy Easter to you as well!

  4. I totally agree with the bright suits I mean Jesus is bright enough for us. Lol. Don’t know if any church members will see this before Sunday I hope so for their sake. Loved the Vlog keep them coming.

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