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You ever invited that one friend to an event but after a short while you wonder why you bought them in the first place?

I will get back to that point in a second but first… I would like to say how excited I am to have another collaborator being featured on my blog! Her name is Deborah Worthy! She is the one who encountered this very behavior at an event. She was there to network and market her business- Worthy Travels– where her friend… well… why don’t I just let her tell the story!

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OK Deborah… what happened?

Hi MsQueenRo!  So I attended an event for single professionals where my intention was to meet new people and network to promote my business Worthy Travels.  I asked a friend to go with me, but now that I look back, I’m not sure if that was the right move. She knew my intent for going and decided to go with me.  As I was talking with people at the event, I noticed her sitting at a table in the corner with the “stank face”.  I asked what was wrong, and she proceeded to say she wasn’t having a good time, and was ready to go.  In my mind, I was thinking “well if you stop acting so snobby, and talk to people you may have a better time”, but I appeased Ms Stank Face and left the event early.  From this experience, I know I probably won’t take her to another event with me.  On the other hand, what do I do if she ask to go with me to another event?  MsQueenRo- what would you have done and what would you do in the future? Thanks!

Wow Deborah…

It baffles me that you experienced this type of behavior when I know you were excited to attend to promote your business. There is nothing worse than someone accompanying you and they are disengaged for whatever reason. It kind of reminds me of taking someone to the movies and they fall asleep. HOW RUDE! Anyway to answer your questions:

  • What do you do if she asks you to go to another event? IF she has the audacity to ask you to accompany you once again, I would NOT go anywhere until you address the elephant in the room on what happened the first time. For me, it would be pretty awkward not bringing up a situation that I knew bothered me and is probable to happen again. I would set her expectations of the event. To give her the benefit of doubt… maybe she didn’t understand the type of event it would be. It could be pretty uncomfortable attending an event that you are not prepared for- so it may have intimidated her a little. Then I would set expectations on what you want of her. Would you want her to help promote your business? Did you want her to network on her own to make friends? I would ask her what would be her intentions to ensure she is prepared.
  • What would I have done? Huh, let me tell you… you were a nice friend by accommodating her and leaving because ughhhhh… that wouldn’t have been me- LOL! I’m keeping it 100! That is just selfish of the friend to sit in the corner with the stank face b/c she couldn’t or didn’t know how to make small talk. I’m sure you explained the reason for you attending, so her feelings should have been put to the side; even if she wasn’t having a good time, sacrifice and let you do your thing!
  • What would I do in the future? As mentioned, I would explain in detail the type of event and your agenda. Be open to her (or anyone) that your plan is to network and promote my business. Ask them what would they like to do? Would they be willing to help me market my business or if they don’t feel comfortable, could they think of a topic they could use to begin a small conversation on their own? Lastly, you know your friend better than I. She could have thought this was a good way to meet somebody. I mean, it was an event for “singles”. She may have become disinterested when no one would approach her. Give her some tips on how to begin a conversation. It may help her become more comfortable b/c it sounds like she isn’t.
Oh no she didn’t?!

Oh yeah, Deborah… one more thing…

What was your intention in asking her to attend? Again, did you want her to help? Did you need her as a crutch in case you became uncomfortable? Does she have a trait you can use in this type of setting? I would ask myself these questions before I think of asking anyone else to attend any type of business event. You see, I have certain friends for certain events. I have my movie-going friends; dancing friends; professional friends; my fellow-mommy friends and so on. I mean, yes some of those friends are integrated into attending more than one event but my point… choose your friends wisely to accompany you. If they act a certain way in one environment, 9/10 they will behave the same way some where else. Lastly, maybe you should just go alone. Friends can be a distraction if you are truly going to promote your business. Your focus needs to be on your business… not trying to make them happy.

If she won’t help you promote, then I will!

Thank you for the collaboration and I hope I was able to provide you with some helpful tips. Royals… have you been looking for a travel agent? Contact Deborah! Visit her website (Worthy Travels) or feel free to call her at: 704-967-8662. You may also send her an email to: worthytravels@gmail.com.  Make sure you tell her MsQueenRo sent you and oh yeah… provide some advice on her little situation- LOL! Smooches!

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