We are NEVER just Moms… We have MANY Jobs!

Moms have many jobs besides “just being a Mom!”  I mean… what does being a Mom… even mean?

Raegan and Her Many Questions (Remember, she is only 4!)

Rae: Mommy, what do you do for work?

Me: Little girl, I don’t know where or how you come up with these questions, LOL!  Why do you want to know?

Rae: *giggles* B/c I want to know, Mommy! What do you do?

Me: I work for a BIG company not to far from your school.

Rae: Oh! Is that all????

Me: What the… is that all??? Little girl, if you only knew! You know what… no, that’s NOT all!


I’m Your Chef!

Rae: Chef? What’s a Chef?

Me: You know that person that puts food on the table, yep that’s me.  Do I like to cook?  Nope, not really. However, you will not be eating junk food or McDonald’s everyday either.  So yes, I cook!  Do I feel like cooking?  Nope… there are many evenings, I wouldn’t mind just having a bowl of cereal and then plopping on the couch to catch up on my shows.  I do it b/c I want to pass down good habits of having a real, cooked meal almost every day.


I’m Your Teacher!

Rae: You are not my Teacher, Ms Gil is my teacher!

Me: Oh really?!  Yes, Ms Gil is your teacher but do you think the learning stops at school?  I want you to be advanced!  I want you to be the smartest in the class!  So what do you do while Mommy is cooking? You are doing your homework, right?  And then Mommy checks it after and tells you- Good Job! So yes, Mommy has to teach you too- just at home.


I’m Your Psychologist!

Rae: Huh? (I suppose she couldn’t pronounce the word here)

Me: A Psychologist, Pooh.  Do you know who that is?  That’s a person that tries to make you feel better when you are sad.  Did you know you are a little dramatic? *giggles* (Random thought: You get that from your Daddy) So Mommy has to calm you down by singing, dancing, going to the table talking to it and saying… “bad, bad, table… don’t you bump my daughter.”  (Random thought: Sometimes I feel like I need the psychologist, LOL) And then what happens… you feel better right??  Then I kiss you to make you really feel better!

I’m Your Chauffeur!

Rae: A cha-for!

Me: A Chauffeur Pooh.  Who is the one who takes you to dance class; choir practice; school; the doctor; dentist, etc?  The list goes on Pooh but since you can’t drive yet, Mommy takes you.  You like doing these things, huh?  What if Mommy said… nope, I don’t feel like driving you today. (Random thought: Once in while, we don’t make it somewhere b/c I’m beat) But 98% of the time, you are where you need to be b/c Mommy drives you.  Can I take some activities away?  Sure I can, but as I already stated I want you to be advanced so that means sacrificing some of my time so that you can have extracurricular experience.


I’m Your Housekeeper!

Rae: Housekeeper?  Mommy, I help clean the house!

Me: Yes, you help a little… wait… how do you know what a housekeeper is???  *giggles* Anyway, yes you help some little girl, but there is more than just picking up your toys.  Don’t you want to wear clean clothes? Don’t you want to wash in a clean bath tub?  Don’t you want to eat off of clean dishes?  It’s just me and you kid and you are too short to reach the sink so I guess it’s me! It’s cool though!  This job I actually don’t mind doing.  I feel a sense of accomplishment when things are in order.  It’s hard for me to function in a dirty house.

Back to your Original Question

Rae: *Silence at this point b/c she did NOT to expect me to go on a soap box at the beginning of this conversation* LOL

Me: So to answer your question, Pooh… so on top of what I just told you… I also work full time for a BIG company.  I have a team of people that I perform the SAME jobs I just said in this conversation.  In a sense, I’m a “Mommy figure” to them as well.  I’ve been doing the same job waaaayyyy before you were born, so they have given me (well they still are) great practice before becoming a Mom.  I want them to be just as responsible, smart, and compassionate just like I teach you to be.

So NO… that’s NOT all, but it’s okay… I LOVE being your Mom!

Do I feel a little stressed some days?  No, I feel A LOT stressed MANY days! Do I want to complain? Of course, I do but what good would that do?  I may vent sometimes or mumble bad things under my breath or maybe even cry out of frustration- hey I’m human!  But then I take my troubles to God and after a good night’s sleep, I’m refreshed to do it all again.  I LOVE being your Mom!  What I’m doing has a purpose! Just the fact we are having this conversation confirms I’m doing my job!  What 4 year old is thinking of what their parent does for work?!  You are maturing into a smart, advanced little lady and guess what… Mommy is proud of you!

Rae: Wow, Mommy you do a lot!  I love you!!!

Me: I do and don’t you forget it Kid- *giggles*… I love you more, Pooh! *Smiles*

Salute to the Moms

To the housekeepers; chauffeurs; doctors; teachers; lawyers; chefs; house CEOs; to the stay-at-home Mamas; to full-time working Moms; to the single Dads that have become “Moms”; to the do-it-yourself Mamas; to the go-get-that-switch Mama; to the grandmas; the foster Moms; the “I want to adopt you” Moms; the Aunties; god-moms; the list goes on and on… but just know… Moms are special- women are special.  Don’t think b/c you may not have any biological children that you are not a “Mommy figure” to some child/person some how.  We are some hard working creatures and I thank God for giving us that strength!  And don’t forget… for without a “Mom” you wouldn’t be here! 😉

It takes a village
This post is dedicated to my Lovely Mom and Raegan’s Nana: V. D. Hanson
3 Generations!

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  1. So glad I had strong Women of God In My Life to teach me about the godness of The Lord and what great rewards I would experience by serving him. That strong foundation has helped me to survive such a time as this. Awesome article Queen Ro!!!

    • Awww so nice Felicia! Having strong leads in our life provides great support and guidance! Then having God on your side as well, well it’s a win-win! I so appreciate your support and continually reading my posts!

    • It does take a village Erica and good for you for always asking for help. Many are too afraid or prideful to do it. You learned early, good for you!

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