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Life after the Divorce

This little person is my heart that keeps me motivated to keep moving forward.  Becoming a single Mom wasn’t my intention but it’s been by the help of my faith and the support of my family/friends that I made it though rough times.  I want to be able to INSPIRE others in hopes they can move on with peace and strength.  Parenting can be fun and hard at the same time but if you have a good support system all will work out in the end.

Enriching through Experience

Those who are or want to become parents, have the desire to ENRICH our children with positive morals and values.  We hope, they won’t make some of the same mistakes we did as kids.  Nonetheless, it’s still good to have a personal mentor that will help guide you while experiencing those parenthood blues when times get rough.  That’s me… Your Personal Parenthood Mentor!  By no means am I an expert- shoot is any parent??!! However, I believe it is through experiential advice and wisdom that anyone can grow and mature to become the best parent you can be!

Introducing… Princess Raegan!

In addition, Princess Raegan is a character on her own!  This little girl keeps me laughing and is smarter than I can remember at 4 years old.  So to keep it lite, I will include excerpts from her as well.  Believe me, you can’t help but to smile after reading what she says and does.

If you would like a parenting topic featured on my blog, feel free to CONTACT me with any questions/concerns or reply via comments.  I will do my best to feature and write about it.