Makeup by: MsQueenRo | Hair by: Elisa | Nails by: Chintana

From the PLAY Job…

As mentioned, I’ve been in the corporate world for over 16 years.  I began my working days in retail with a local shoe store. That was one of my favorite jobs… (in case you didn’t know) my love for shoes is an obsession I can’t seem to shake.  Me: “What the… why am I working? Why are my checks so low?” Boss Lady: “Well Ro, if you stop buying shoes at every pay period you may have some money left” (If the word shade was “in” back then, that’s exactly what I would have said)

… to a CAREER

I figured it was time to grow up any way and find a real job. “Oooooh there is a WE’RE HIRING SIGN! Why not… I don’t plan on staying with this job long anyway.” Turns out, God had another plan for me b/c that was almost 14 years ago!

I’ve grown from an introverted little worker bee to a no-nonsense and respected [leader] Queen Bee! I’ve worked my way up in the ranks- from an entry level position to a Frontline leader of over 10 years.  Notice, I said leader, not manager.  Yes I am in “management” but a leader develops more leaders.  This is why I wanted to create a section dedicated to the professionals; I’m in the business to EMPOWER and mold others into future professionals of the work place!

Are you feeling stuck in your career, under-valued or are you just interested in rebuilding current skills? Do you want to learn skills such as personal branding; delegation; time management; innovative thinking and more... then jump to my page of development blogs. My mission is to teach you skills through my own experiences in hopes you will feel superior again!

BEAUTY is her name…

Many times we don’t feel EMPOWERED b/c we are not comfortable in our own skin.  No matter your shape, size, color, or gender there is NO reason why you should feel insecure.  Nonetheless, we all have our bad days and there isn’t anything wrong with obtaining a little “boost”.  If you are interested in everything from makeup tips to skin care to fashion, then you will want to read my set of beauty blogs.  

In addition, I am a Mary Kay Consultant ~wow, 10 years now, just realized~ so yes, I will advertise MK products. [Click HERE to order!] I believe not only in her merchandise (her skin care line being the top seller) but also the message behind her company [Do what you want done to others as you want done to yourself.] Disclaimer: Although I am a MK Connoisseur, when it comes to the makeup portion, I do use other products as well… mainly from these two beauty supply stores- Sephora and Ulta in order to remain versatile.  Consequently, you will see reviews from all kinds of makeup products so that you will have various items to choose from. NOTE: I only use MK skin care.

Men, don’t shy away from the beauty reviews. I promise there will be posts catered to you as well b/c everyone should want to look and feel their best!