Firetrucks, the French, coffees, pastries… OH MY!

Well it wasn’t my intention to pop into Amelie’s.  I was on my way to receive a relaxing facial treatment but my trip was deterred by a fire truck!  That’s right, as I was walking up to the salon so were the firemen! *LOL*  [Click HERE for the actual facial post.] Long story short- everyone was okay but my appointment was of course rescheduled.  Nevertheless, I drove almost 18 miles to receive my treatment to a neighboring town… UH- I was getting something today!  That’s when I saw the French bakery across the street. I walked into this cute, petite place that I’ve heard many positive reviews about and gazed with amazement.  Upon walking in, I was captivated by the many art pieces placed all around the room.  I’ve never been to Paris but it definitely felt like I was walking into a French Château.

[Hot Beverage Menu: This is just an example of only one menu, there were about 3 others. Click the Amelie link included in the post for a full menu.]

What to drink?

[Chai Crème]
The menus consisted of everything from HOT BEVERAGES (of course)- such as coffees and teas- to croissants- to sandwiches- to COLD DRINKS like lemonades.  I didn’t see myself coming to a French bakery and ordering a lemonade and I am NOT a coffee drinker *don’t judge me* so the next best hot drink for me is hot chocolate.  Weeeelllll, the only hot cocoa choice they sold was the Chocolat Chaud (dark chocolate and steamed milk); hmmm, I’ll pass. I am not a fan of dark chocolate either so I chose the Chai Crème (chai + milk + masala spice blend) and OMG, was that a great choice!  It contained the perfect blend of spices to form a decadent Chai Tea, topped with a foam of steamed milk (shaped in the form of hearts by the Barista) and the masala spice blend. HMMMM TASTEE! (Amelie’s Review/drink) 100% satisfied!

[Pecan Sticky Bun]

What to eat? 

Well I wasn’t sure about that one but hey… you can’t go wrong with sweets… so I chose the Pecan Sticky Bun.  At first glance it looked de-lis but as I went to cut off a small piece my face turned up in disgust b/c the bun was hard to cut.  I should have known b/c the cashier took the pastry right out of the viewing receptacle.  Well, there was no telling how long those pastries had been sitting there.  I asked a walking-by employee “was there any way to heat the bun”; she replied “yes, but it would require me to obtain a whole new one”.  After about 5 seconds of a stare-down to each other… me with the, “okay well if you want a satisfied customer I will require you to warm my bun” look; her with the, “lady- don’t you see me working here” look; naturally I won! *LOL*  She took my plate and grabbed me a new one.  After about 4 minutes, I had a new warm sticky bun.  In the end, I was about 80% satisfied (Amelie’s Review/eat) with the pastry.  The best part was the top with the pecans; the inside was more of a flaky croissant and I was looking for more of a cinnabon consistency.

The Atmosphere

[One HOT chandelier]
You couldn’t beat it!  As I mentioned, I felt like I walked into a French cafe! The place was so nicely decorated with French-like paintings on the walls; a faux fireplace; chandeliers EVERYWHERE (and I don’t mean small ones… I’m talking BIG BLINGED OUT ONES) and much more! (Amelie’s Review/decor) – I give a 100%.  To some, it may have felt it was too much but the point was to feel like you received a cultural experience in every aspect- not just in what you ate and drank.


[Reminded me of Alice and Wonderland]
[An art piece made of pots and pans]
[Dressing area]









Amelie’s Review

Overall, I wasn’t happy I didn’t receive my facial but I am kind of happy I didn’t.  I’m not sure if I would have stopped in to experience Amelie’s if the firetruck didn’t get in my way first.  I am always trying to find new places to eat; although, bakeries aren’t one I would usually stop and stay.  For one, I’m trying to keep my weight under control (that’s another story for later) but for two, if I want to stop and sit down somewhere to eat- I want it to be at a full blown restaurant.  4/5 STAR QUEEN RATING!

Comment Below: Have you been to Amelie’s or any French bakery or just anywhere different to eat? What was your experience?

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  1. I love a good pastry!!! And of course lattes! Thank goodness everyone was okay with the fire situation and at least you got something out of it!

  2. So everyone has been talking about this new brunch place called FAMOUS TOASTERY. I’ll check out that place next… I have been hearing great reviews!

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